Sunday, January 9, 2011

~ Nigel ~ our new rescue dog!

This is probably my parent's fault, since they asked me only yesterday morning, if we had any new waifs or strays.  Yesterday my answer was no.  Today it is yes :O)

Meet Nigel the Daschund. (a perfectly reasonable Old Blighty name!)

Tonight he chose his bed...and snores.  Very loudly.

This rescue is thanks to my sister-in-law.  Her neighbours had beaten him, locked him out in the backyard with no shelter, food or water, and went away and are apparently, not returning.

Even though he has lived in an abusive household, he is adorable, sweet natured and loves our other dogs. 


  1. Hmmmm
    I don't have a Dachshund! He looks ADORABLE!!! I WANT him!!!!
    (Just kidding) I think! LOL!
    Anyway, I'm so glad that he's safe with you! I swear that rescues realize it and give even MORE love!

    I've been thinking about getting fact, I just posted about it!
    XOXO - Cindi

  2. This post made me so happy Abi... Even tho we have never met in "real" life... knowing that I know someone like you ~ that there is such a big heart-ed person out there like you, makes my life a little bit better...

    I think a dog is going to come in to my life this year sometime... how I'm not sure but I've got a feeling...

    XXX Pattee

  3. Abi, I would have scooped him up, too. How good of you to take him...does he like the pigs? LOL

    He is a cutie and Dachshunds are good dogs. He will show you lots of love for saving him I am sure.

    and Cindi? of course you want him! LOL especially since he has a sad history of being neglected and abused...because you, too, have a kind heart.

  4. you are so kind...and i love knowing the peace and safety all your animals come to know in your company. oh abi,
    i adore you so.


  5. well thank goodness you were able to rescue him. nigel looks like a right proper gentlemen.

  6. Abi,
    I'm happy that he has you! He looks adorable.


  7. Heya Batty Brit!
    Chalk up another rescue..and add another to the entourage! A big hearty welcome to the Dachshund owner's club. I called my boy, Digger, "Wonder Dog" due to his outstandingly warm and funny disposition. You have already noticed and noted these winning characteristics. Nigel will be a loving and warm companion and he will be happiest when his pack is all together as a family! I PML'd at the snoring bit and the picture of Nige all curled up on his bed brought a huge smile to my face! You're the BEST !!!! PEACE Baby!
    xoxoxoxo Buncat xoxoxoxo

  8. Bless you. Nigel looks right a home. He's one lucky guy.


  9. You are amazing - and I would give you a big hug, if I could. Since I can't - please give one to Nigel. What a sweet boy - how could anyone ever hurt him? I just don't understand. Thank you for giving him the love and home he deserves. Theresa

  10. O Abbie!
    This is such a sweet story and a wonderful end! I think you're awesome to take on such a cutie!
    He's one lucky pup... ; )

  11. forget the crazy cat lady... you are just crazy. hahahha... and...I'm not knocking it at all. I think it's wonderful.

    It's particularly wonderful that you have the room and can do this Abi. You are a special lady.... and I can honestly say I'm thrilled to know you!
    Jesse must be a special guy too...

    Big hugs,
    Vee xxx

  12. Nigel is sweet!I hope you will be happy together and you will give much love to each other:)

  13. He has sad eyes, I'm sure you will be changing that :o)

  14. How lovely he is!It's a good sign that he's already chosen "his place"! The Dachshunds are very active and self-confident! As far as I know they like to have a firm schedule. He looks like a dog who's easily to be loved! I believe you'll be all happy together!

  15. He looks happy to be there with you! I'm glad you two found each other! Michele

  16. Ahhh, What a sweetie! Nigel is quite a handsome chap! My sister has a daschund and she is the sweetest!
    And you truly are an angel for taking him in.

  17. Your sister-in-law just knew he would find a loving home at your place. How wonderful for Nigel. How old is he - do you know?

  18. What an adorable pup!!! How luck you each are to have blessed one another's lives!

  19. Thank God Abi for people with golden hearts like yours! He looks so precious and I wish people who would abuse such a sweetheart could be prosecuted severely!
    Can hardly wait to see more photos of him with the rest of your gang!

    P.S. I also adopted another abandoned cat that showed up over the holidays looking for food and shelter so now there are 13 (and he's all black...uh oh!)I think it's good luck though!
    Have a great evening...
    Tina xo

  20. He's so lovely!They certainly know where to come to Abi X

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  22. Abi, you have one of the kindest hearts ever! I used to have a standard daschie. like Nigel, "Lottie" who was the funniest, most loyal, endearing dog I've ever known. I'm so happy that Nigel has found such a loving home with the rest of his siblings, (how are the kitties handling it btw? ;) and that you are going to have so much fun with him too. Thank you so much for all the work you do with animals of ALL types!

  23. This is wonderful - and my daughters favorite dog!!!

  24. Oh Nigel is so cute. We have a ten month old Mini Dapple Dachshund. Nigel looks like he has some dapple in him. He's so lucky to have found good new parents. I know he appreciates your help. I also have a rescue. She's part Terrier and the sweetest dog. No one wanted her. They told us she wouldn't eat or play. We brought her home, put her down and she and our Cairn immediately started to play. She had been with 40 other dogs and was apparently being bullied. All three of our dogs get along great. She now plays with the pup more than the Cairn now. You are lucky to have Nigel.

  25. Nigel is both lucky, and darling. Love the odd bits of color in his coat. So glad you can give him a good home.

  26. Hi lovely! you're amazing!!! i've been watching the adds for abused animals & i can see how vast the problem is, & how much you help!!! i wonder how anyone could do these things & it makes me think of people who are hurt in the same way, it is such a heart-wrending thing!!! i cringe just to think of it.. .though you give me hope the courage to do more!!! hope your day is filled with rainbows & all the lovely things!!!


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