Friday, December 16, 2011

.... so another two months have passed.....

I blame facebook.
Hello, is anyone there?!!

Art dolls. Blythe clothes. Furniture. And a Charity Auction....
LOVE 146 ~ end child sex, slavery, and exploitation.  It still happens you ask?  hell yes.

Here is the auction, here is the story....Click HERE
A collaboration of artists, wanting to make a difference... my handmade contribution ~ 

Please visit the Auction page to read and bid!!!  ~ HERE ~

I've also been busy making clothes for Blythe... here is my girl Elly showing off...

Ika Factory Jewellery
The necklace to the right was made by the beautiful Ivana of IkaFactory.
Also, Elly is sporting a new pair of eyechips, and boots created by my ever-so-talented friend Wendy. She has a groovy new shop you should visit :O) ~ HERE ~

I also made an art doll recently...

Adele's Custom Art Doll

And that's about it!! I've been busy, but not much to show for it!
I hope everyone has a great Christmas... see you in 2012!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Oh My Gosh! two months & a *new shop*

Two entire months without a post - I don't believe it!  where has time there anyone out there?
I have had a good time... my parents came to visit from England, and I didn't want them to leave, I've made a few art dolls, and lot's of clothes for Blythe....
I miss my parents.

The art dolls..
Talvi Art doll

Antonia's Custom Doll, named Whisper

Shelley's custom art doll

I have had a fun and frustrating time making clothes patterns for Blythe... unfortunately I have thrown more away than actually created.  The learning process is a tough one, but life would be boring if everything was a breeze.
Here are a few...


Wool Flannel Wrap skirt

Taylor Couture
Well, you get the idea... 
My new *Etsy Shop* opens today! yay! 
If you'd like to see more of my *Winter Collection* check out my shop ~

I also have a new doll... she is a resin BJD Lati Green Senny ~ she is super cute, and the first of many more BJD's I am positive!
Winter & Bunny
She was owned by my friend Lisa Marie who named  her Winter Lilee. She arrived a couple of days ago, with her bunny!
I made her a little outfit ~
Winter being observed....
Toblerone found a not-so-great place to sit and view the new addition.
Until next to catch up on everyone else :O)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

{New Dolls, Blythe, & a Brown Widow, not} oh, & an Etsy SALE!

Here are a couple of ornament art doll busts I made for the ADO mini monthly challenge ~ half & half ~
Harriet the Pig, & Evelyn the Cat
Harriet Pig & Evelyn Cat Ornament
My obsession for Blythe dolls is mounting.  I don't know why, I really didn't like them until recently.  I blame my friends Wendy & Deb.
I have just ordered my first Blythe, whom I intend to customize.  She will be my model for the clothes line I am going to create.  
Photo credit ~ Emily Grey

Boy, I sure could use a drink !
Best photographer of Blythe Dolls I've seen thus far.
We have an amazing Black Widow spider living under the eaves of the studio/sunroom (several in fact!) - I think they are beautiful ~
Southern Black Widow
I couldn't get a decent photo, unlike this one by Rivadock4
The other morning, I spotted a spider on the inside of the window, right where one Black Widow has her nest on the outside.  At first, I wondered why she had moved inside - closer inspection realised it wasn't her.  I got very excited because I thought it was a Brown widow... alas, it wasn't.  
I thought it was a Brown Widow at first, gutted it wasn't

Garden spider in the house

Garden spider in the house
Poor thing wasn't happy about being in a glass jar, so I found her a new home.  Outside.

To celebrate my excitement of my new shop (although it's empty right now!) I 'm having a little sale over at my ~ Etsy art doll shop

Monday, August 8, 2011

{new dolls & ebay}

I joined Ebay (was an member) but it's all changed so much - took me forever to figure it all out.
I listed my Zutter machines, since I don't use them, and got the bug for auctions again, so I listed my latest doll ~
Here is the listing ~ Meadow
Feedback welcome - There is still an hour or so on the Zutter machines if you want a new toy :O)

and here she is with Seal the kitten :O)
Meadow & Seal

I also made another doll called Noirelle ~
She is in my Etsy shop
and check out these little sweeties ~
I wish they would stay as kittens :O)
Hope everyone has a great week!

Monday, August 1, 2011

~ Dolls & Mannequins ~

Happy 1st August!!
Here is a selection of dolls and jewelry display mannequins I've been working on...

Her name is Philoo.  
This is Birdy, with her egg.  Gone to live with my friend Cindi ~
Birdy art doll
Here are a couple of ornament art dolls ~
Ornament 2

Ornament One
And some mannequins, to display jewelry ~
Jewelry Mannequin. Custom

Jewelry Mannequin

Jewelry Stand

Jewelry Mannequin 2
Back to work :O) Hope everyone has a great week.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

~ New Dolls, Doll Registry, & my kittens :O)

The lovely Nathalie wanted a doll inspired by the novel The Forgotten Garden, by Kate Morton.  Nathalie named her Delphine.....
Nathalie's Doll

Nathalie's Doll

Nathalie's Doll

Here is my latest Cadabby Pixie called Bella Moo.  She would like a new home, since I chuckle at her freckles.  
Bella Moo

Bella Moo

Bella Moo
To re-home her, she can be found here ~ Etsy ~  :O)

I have recently joined the International Art Doll Registry,  presided by Deb Wood.  I recommend joining if you make art dolls - not only can you have your work registered, there is so much to learn, with great tutorials & a fine network of doll artists. I'm hoping I will be able to attend IDEX with them in January 2012. 

Finally, thought I'd show my babies kittens off!  They are growing too fast.  Toblerone & Corky's twisted back legs are perfectly 'normal' now!  yay!  I must admit, I was aporetic, and didn't think the massage, stretching, bandaging (& splinting for Tobelerone) would work, but hell yes, it did!!

6 weeks old.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

~ Wedding Day La Mémoire ~ New Doll ~ Egg ~ Pets ~ WIP ~

5th Wedding Anniversary - Today :O)
5 years today :O)  Good times.
Silvija's Custom Doll ~ Such a gentle & kind customer. Was a pleasure.
Silvija's Custom Doll

Silvija's Custom Doll

Silvija's Custom Doll
This little egg was the only survivor following a bad storm.  I put him/er and the nest back in the tree, but the mama did not return :O(
It is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.
Nigel agrees... who lies on the couch in the studio, watching me procrastinate (we do that a lot)
Nigel, studio helper 1
And when I do get working, Ghost comes and plonks his bum in front of me, so I have to stop for a while :O)
Ghost, studio helper 3
And Gizmo, studio helper #3 is feeling much better after her ~ Vet feared she may have Cancer ~ episode.  Turned out to be a viscous infection. (Texas, however remains undiagnosed).
Gizmo, studio helper 3
& finally a work-in-progress shot~
Nathalie's Doll WIP