Sunday, February 2, 2014

Love Birds and Snow.

I am in love with this fabric by Robyn Pandolph ~ it's called Maison Bleue Navy Lovebirds & Bouquets. I made a skirt for the dollies, and used it to make a pincushion.  I needed one to hold lots of pins & needles (obviously) but I also wanted one with a few compartments, to contain loose pins and my favourite buttons, bits & bobs, that I can't bring myself to use, but enjoy looking at.  That is perhaps weird.  When I find my elusive thimble, that will go in it too.....I wonder if I could make these to sell.  I've not seen any like it thus far :)
I was also wondering why needles are not being made in bright colours?  I loose needles every day.

We got some snow~ just a little.  The birds didn't seem very impressed, since their feeder was taken over.  I put some scoops of seed on the porch, which they seemed much happier with.  No more fighting through snow to get their breakfast.

Henry bird watching from the comfort of sofa.

Enjoy the Super Bowl XLVIII, if you are footy fans.  I am not!  LOL