Monday, February 25, 2013

Another snow day...

One of my cats loves to be out bird hunting, even in the snow... he is quite bonkers.
We had a lot of snow last week, which just about melted yesterday, but it returned today with vengeance.  The icicles inspired me to create another feather skirt with a beaded bodice.
I haven't made much furniture this last week since it's too cold to work in the woodshop.  I was hoping to get going on some this week but unless it quits snowing, not much chance of being productive!
I have become very tired of Facebook recently, and did deactivate my account, but it also deactivated parts of the selling group I set up, so I had to re-activate it, then half my account vanished completely!  I will find a happy medium....
One of my good friends posted this ~
And I adore this image from 'Romantic Vintage Home'

I had better get on with some sewing! 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

We are back!

It looks like Blogger has had a makeover!  It's been a joy to work with so far.... but maybe I just jinxed myself.  I am back to blogger since I can't stand the random adverts that pop up all over my page on Wordpress - especially when it links ads to my words within posts, without my consent.

I'll be attempting to use this blog as my journal...

I have also ben trying to figure out a way to run my Etsy shop which suits my personality and production capacities.  I don't like making people wait for 2 weeks whilst I make their doll clothes and furniture and so on, so I will be making to sell.  I will not be taking custom orders for the time being.  I have noticed when I restrict orders, more demands are placed on me, therefore I am hoping offering shop update times will alleviate many emails.  Of course, this will require me to maintain a schedule and dead line, which I also don't like very much. We will see how I get on. 

In the meantime, I intend to have a small shop update on Sunday 17th February at 7pm CST this will consist of furniture and clothes.  The items I don't finish in time, will  go in the shop during the week.
An example of the items available

Elly & Peri