Thursday, March 31, 2011


I have just finished two dolls inspired by images on Moodboard (you can see all on my flickr page ~ HERE
I had fun making feet! & painting henna tattoos on her feet & legs....
She is in my ETSY SHOP now.

A commissioned Art Doll ~

Our new stray kitty (# 13!)... she has made herself at home, & is totally lovable.  Meet Grey ~

This is the first time we have experienced spring in our new home ~ these are three trees loaded with color ~ our lovely mailman did tell me what they were called, but now I can't remember!

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

~ Two new art dolls, & Shelter Box ~ JAPAN RELIEF

Lime is a black doll, Turquoise is a white doll.  They are bff, and $25 from each sale will be going to Team Aquatic Angels ~ Shelter Box USA JAPAN RELIEF.  If you'd like to help reach the $1000 goal, please stop by the page :O)

They are in my Etsy shop ~here~
For more images ~here~

My adorable friend Rebecca added this quote on the Team page.  I really like it.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Doll, Dirty Piggys

Before I share the new doll and dirty pigs, how about making a shrine/art piece for the charity online auction Rebecca is holding? Rebecca has updated the list of contributors so far... and the more the merrier?  The money raised will be going to the Oaxacon Streetchildren Grassroots.  Please send Rebecca an email for more information - she would love to hear from you ~ HERE ~
Here is a photo of some of the beauties that will be accompanying my art doll for the auction.  I'm going to have trouble parting with them.  Andrea of Sheep Creek Needlecraft is their creator.
A commissioned fairy art doll by the lovely Pam.  She is painted in a beautiful Burnt Sienna. 
Thank you Pam.  I thouroughly enjoyed the challange.  Pam has named her Hotaru.
Our piggys have continued to settle in well.  They are on a diet, because I was over feeding them.  They don't seem to notice the reduction luckily.  They were beautifully black & white when they first arrived.  I'm almost certain they must have lived in a barn only,  because they have been covered in mud since day two of living with us.  We are about to put up some more fencing to extend their paddock, and they'll get some fresh grass to turn over.
I love this shot of their big bottoms! LOL
If they are not sleeping, or rolling in their mud bath, they are doing the above... heads down, wagging tails & turning grass to mud!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

~ New Art Dolls & A New Shop! ~

I have been incredibly disciplined this week and managed to remove myself form the laptop, and made three dolls!
The first two are commissioned, & the last one called Mia is looking for a new home via Etsy She is the last of the winter Bohemian/Bo-ho Chic range!
Kathy has named her doll kendal, which I think suits her very well.  Kathy knew exactly what she wanted her doll to wear, and I enjoyed the challange to 'get it right'.  I also discovered I love making miniature things, & this paint palette & brush was no exception.  Kathy also wanted a Black Labrador..
Christine wanted a doll similar to Snowflake - it's impossible for me to recreate a doll, but I think I encapsulated some of the features.
Christine, the new owner of this doll, has a cute little pup called Bonny - I think this Whimzy pet takes the part.
Mia ~ Etsy
These boots were inspired by the amazing Colleen of  A Dollmaking Journey... she made the cutest pair for her doll Truffle... Colleen made hers from leather and clay - mine are made just from clay, stamped and painted to look like leather.. I prefer Colleen's so will try using real leather next time!  Thanks Colleen for the inspiration!
My friend Natalie opened her Etsy shop! yay!  please go & say howdy....Natlalie Creating.  Her creations are so so lovely.. look at this cute owl called Coco... totally adorable.