Friday, April 29, 2011

~ Charity Auction Art Doll ~

~ Due to a technical hitch, the art shrine auction has been delayed a tad ~
  I had such fun creating my entrant, and I hope you will like her, and better still, I hope you will bid on her, or my wonderful art shrine counterparts!
100% of donations will go to support the sincere efforts of Oaxaca Streetchildren Grassroots,
a trusted community outreach facility dedicated to providing a multilayered approach to assist children and their families in skills that ensure their own independence and success.

Friday, April 22, 2011

NEW doll, NEW chair, & maybe, NEW dog!

Created for the Etsy Art Dolls Only Team 2nd quaterly challenge; Framed dolls ~
Chapardeur has been framed for a bank robbery & is on the wanted list.
She's for sale in my ETSY SHOP
For more images ~ HERE ~
Loopybooby's Beth doesn't like this chair & she didn't want to cooperate.  I don't much like the chair either.  It was a pain to make, so will be a one off!
This is Ellie, above.  She lives about 3 miles away, & seems to have taken up residence with us.  Even though she's afraid of our big dogs, she keep returning.  I wonder when her owners will give up retrieving her?  she settles down by my side, & this morning when she arrived, she wanted to help with the photography of Chapardeur.  She loves Nigel & Badger in particular.  Nigel has settled in BTW ~
He likes this cushion.
And look at Rosie Boy & Moonface... precious.

Hope everyone enjoys Easter :O)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

~ The Latest Addiction ~

1:6 scale home furnishings!!  oh dear, a new "damn too many ideas going on in my mind, it will explode in any minute" obsession.
I think I love making miniature furniture as much as dolls.

Here is my latest art doll Mill├ęsime ~ on the first Chaise Longue I made from paper clay and velvet.  I really enjoyed making the removable pillow (cushion) covers - but didn't enjoy stuffing the inserts with Feather down... :O) 

My beloved Loopybooby Beth.  Colleen, her creator would probably say that Beth thinks the pillows are stupid, and there are too many :O)

I bought an 11.5" BJD in Walmart (!) for scale purposes for furniture.  Then couldn't resist taking her apart to see how a BJD works, then decided to paint her white and add hair! Anyone guess what she was originally?

The lamp I made from beads, a door knob, card & fabric roses.  The side table is half a wooden candlestick!
I have more designs in the making :O)
Please visit the lovely Rebecca for more details.   there is still time to join in and create a shrine.