Friday, October 22, 2010

On being published...Patti's New Book....

Ok, so I'm not good at 'blowing my own trumpet', I admit it.  People keep asking to see the picture of my doll in Patti, Elinor and Barbara's new book.... so here it is ~

Patti asked five of us to make a cloth doll from her beginner pattern... Mine is called Journey ~ she is sitting on her suitcase (middle doll with her legs crossed!)
This was an image of her almost completed.  She was the first doll I painted on an un-needle-sculptured head. Journey was my fifth doll.. infact, I haven't made a cloth doll since ~ cloth dolls are just too difficult!!
Anyway,  It really is a lovely book, full of handy tips....well worth the money :O)

These are Patti's other books ~ click here

Florence ~ enjoying my new work space too!

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend... blogger error free... yay, I have a blog in good working order at last!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

~ Shop Updates ~

Hey guys.... lot's of lovely people have been asking where my new dolls are, and why aren't they for sale? well, I haven't made any yet! I am sooooo desperate to start, but still knee deep in organizing our new home. I discovered I can not multi-task, at all.
I can't keep track of who wants to be notified, so I have set up a new account where you can leave me a note, if you want info on shop updates. The email is ~
This will be much easier for me to manage!
Is anyone else having Blogger trouble? since the upgrade, I've been downgraded! I can't leave messages on other blogs, can't stay 'signed in' and have to revert to the old editor to access images.... it is frustrating the pants off me! I feel bad because I've not replied to any messages... perhaps if I stay in the 'old editor' mode, I will not have issues? ~*
The new book a collaboration between Elinor Peace Bailey, Patti Medaris Culea and Barbara Willis is on the book shelves....These books are on their way to England for my mum and sister.
Last year Patti asked me to make a doll to be shown in the Gallery section of her chapter.... It was only my fifth cloth doll... and you can tell! Oh how I wish it was an image of one of my recent dolls!!
But, I'm not complaining - it was a real honour to be asked by not only my favourite cloth doll maker, but a 'doll master' at that!  Thanks Patti, you are wonderful :O)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Toot Toot, back online....

Soooo much catching up to do... shall take a while!  the move went well, although three of my kitties have gone missing, I hope they return soon.  Worries the pants off me. 
The house is not to my taste at all ~ 1981 single level, (bungalow as we call them in old Blighty) with lime green and citrus orange walls... eek.  The best bit is the acerage and the sun room, which is going to be perfect for doll making mess. 
Since this was the only house for sale with land, we had no choice.  It's a far cry from my love of converted barns, and Victorian houses, but I think I kinda like it.

Onray loving the empty boxes

Front porch, and first paddock

Stella and Jeffrey

Huge sun room for art doll creations..

Front of house, showing Jesse's workshop, which he is totally chuffed with!

keep finding these cuties everywhere!

Top end of land - the grass is lovely and green where it was cut for hay in the distance

Side view, uncut grass!

Rosie Boy and weeds


Onray's fine about the lime green in one of the guest bedrooms (better do something about that before we have guests! nothing against lime green, but it's not particularly restful!)

Must take some more photos, and some of the dogs - Bernard the Great Dane X puppy?  huge - he knocked me flying the other day - I swear he is heavier than me now!!

Will spend some time catching up with everyone later....