Monday, September 20, 2010

~ New doll ~ The Nutcracker Ballerina ~

The first doll of two ~ this one is from the Ballet production of The Nutcracker.

~New Etsy Treasury ~
Adjective: Presented or expressed in a subtle and effective way.  That's Etsy Project Embrace.

Guess what? ~ we are finally moving home! ~

~ will be offline for a couple of weeks as of Wednesday, so will catch up with you all soon ~
~ Take care everyone ~

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

~ The Hive Creative Challenge ~ Princess Bee

Proud member of TheHIVE
Over at The Hive, which you should go and join, if you haven't already, Melissa and her crew have posted the first official Hive creative challenge....the subject matter ~ Autumn.
Here is my entry ~ Princess Bee...

Her favourite B pendant is never far from her finger, and the Queen Bee has promised if she can tame her unruly hair, she may become QB one day. 

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Made for Agah....doll swap

I met Agah on Flickr a long time ago.  She makes the most amazing Tilda dolls amongst other things.  We decided to to a doll swap, and I think Agah thought I never would actually get one made for her! (it's been a while!)  Well, I never break a promise.
You know what, Agah chose to have her dolls hair like this, but having used the Bamboo Viscose on the last doll, I think I prefer the softer look of the BV!

I made the little box which contains a sewing kit, and she has knitting needles in her hair.
Agah is an amazing artist, and photographer. She also has an Etsy shop. 
This is one of her dolls she made ~ I love them.

I can't wait to see what she has in store for me! :O)
I have only just finished Agah's doll ~ it's 3.15 am her time in Poland, so she hasn't seen her doll yet.... I hope she likes her!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New doll ~ Goose Girl

I was asked  if I could make The Grimms Brothers Goose Girl.... this is she (it's an awful story, although I guess it has a happy ending for the real bride!)

Just need to make the horse's head.....
And another project I'm working on ~ The Nutcracker... great Christmas story....

Monday, September 6, 2010

New Etsy Treasury for ADO, Texas, Tiger and on being a vegetarian!

Etsy's Art Dolls Only Team meets divine delights...
Click here to visit the treasury
Each week one of the Etsy Treasury team members of ADO will create a new Treasury.  Don't forget to leave a comment in support of all these fabulous artists... we want to get to the Front Page :O)

I found Texas hiding in a paper bag.... which happened to still have the contents of what I had just bought in there!  a lovely sweater, now covered in hair - well, winter is on it's way!

Remember the kitten who turned up a couple of weeks ago,Tiger? he has turned into the biggest softie ever!

On being a vegetarian.... eating out in Texas is difficult... when I was a vegan it would have been impossible!

Jesse and I went out for breakfast yesterday, the choice was, suprise suprise, a veggy burger or a vegetable omlette.  I asked the waitress if the eggs were free range - her reply was "what's a free range egg?" to cut a long story short, she really did not know what a free range egg was!  I could not believe it.  I still can not believe it, and probably will never believe it. 

Fabulous egg and chicken photos borrowed from my favourite animal photographer Sharon Montrose.

Happy Labour Day guys.  And dont' forget.... buy free range.... please?

Friday, September 3, 2010

World Art Doll, Texas & TDP Ruby

This doll was made for the Art Dolls Only Tarot Card challenge.  I chose World ~ which has some interesting links to where I'm at in life right now (coincidently, or not?)  or, perhaps World chose me - whilst packing up the house for our upcoming move, I found a couple of globes from a previous challenge... I wondered if there was a tarot card with connections to it - and voila... The World Tarot Card.

She is in my Etsy Shop

Texas ~ is always straight in front of the camera - I had to remove him several times so I could get on with taking photos!

He is growing so much! I love him :O)

****Traveling Doll Project has come to an end***
My very first clay doll has been around the world for 6 months, and worked on by 5 amazing artists ~ Cindee, Paula, Sally, Lisa and Nancy.

I must say, the girls did a wonderful job, but what an awful doll she was to start with ~OMG  I am so embarrassed, an alien with the most awful hands and limbs!!  It's nice to see how I have sort of progressed in 6 months though!

Ruby's accompanying journal was a great read.
To see the entire TDP challenge visit here

It was such a fun experience ~ Thanks guys :O)