Saturday, May 30, 2009


Is finished! For some reason, I had lots of difficulties with her, more so than Willow who was the first! Very odd...
More photos are uploaded on Flickr. She is designed to resemble me, and she is holding and wearing some of the things I love:
My Ugg boots!
Wooden heart
Jewelry - especially pendent with birds on
Poloneck/turtleneck jumper and woolly tights!!! The A is obviously my initial. Other things include a nose stud, sticky out ears! lil mole and long dark hair. I've always wanted big boobs and long legs, so here they are!!! :O)
Oh and finally, green and brown are my favorite colors! I would have liked to add a dog, but until I learn to needle felt, that will have to wait!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Onray & Me-ish

Thought I should work on my latest chick - was hard to move myself off the PC, I'm enjoying looking at other artists work way too much.
Took some photos just to prove I did something.... except Onray wanted to join in the photo shoot! He is recovering well from his snake bite, thankfully.
Anyway, I have completed all her bits, just need to get her dressed and accessorized...
She doesn't really look like me, more like Gina Mckee who played Hugh Grant's sister in Notting Hill! She has my mole, hair and nose stud so maybe that will make up for it! I made a woolly hat for her as I wasn't happy with the parting of her hair. It then occurred to me, that I should go on-line and find out how to apply real hair, which seems harder than using yarn.... bad mistake, I found a great site showing how to make a wig (Antonette Cely), but then that took me to a whole host of sites - one in particular was NIADA (National Institute of American Doll Artists) I thought it would be great to become a member of the NIADA, until I read the necessary 'requirements' to be 'voted in'. Bit out of my league......... 3 hours later, I stop perusing amazing sites!!
Her legs look shapely (actually wish mine looked like that!) and she'll be holding the wooden letter A, and I did make a woollen cat for her to hold, but I think I need to redo him.... By the way, Jesse's Guinness glass is great for holding the torso of dolls! hope he doesn't notice it's alternative use.. he will not be amused!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bazzils Great Adventure!

Just wanted to show off my sister's talents! she has a shop on, which is similar to Etsy in England. I think she should set up an Etsy shop too if she had time! she sells her products wholesale to a high street shop in Felixstowe, on the Suffolk coast, which is very impressive! Take a look at a selection:
She accepts custom orders, and can personalize all her products. Go visit her shop:

Sunday, May 17, 2009

There's always a first...

And this is my first post! I'm in the process of setting up an Etsy shop, figuring out this blog, joining groups, and creating cloth Art Dolls. I'm having fun, but spending way too much time looking at everyone elses blogs and websites and art work! I'm adding my favourite sites, which to me, is the best bit! There are so many talented folks out there, and it enables me to daydream that little bit more.....
I'm a novice in the world of Art Dolls, and became inspired by two books I found by the author, doll artist, designer and teacher - Patti Medaris Culea! I was actually looking for books on how to make curtains (curtain making didn't get very far!) Well they say you always find the things you're not looking for. Following a couple of weeks of trial and error, I finally created Willow, the
'Angel of Knowledge'. My mum thinks she looks like her, if she does, it was a totally sub-conscious move. I guess there is a similarity...
I sent some photos to Patti, who gave me some unexpected wonderful feedback. Not only did she (without knowing) inspire me to create a doll, she gave me the enthusiasm to make more!
So, here is Penny... the 'Angel of Good Fortune' she carries an English 5 pound note and an old money bag, holding English coins from 1 penny to 1 pound!
I wondered if I could create a doll that had characteristics of me... I've made legs, that's as far as I've got..........