Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Still not finished....

I have so many 'still not finished' projects, it's driving me bonkers. 
I was waiting to finish my 1:6 scale collapsible, reversible room box to share, but after 4 weeks, I am still not satisfied with it.
I was waiting to finish my Racoon Art Doll for the Art Doll Quarterly Magazine challenge 'Anthropomorphic inspired doll' to share, yet I haven't even started that yet!  and the deadline was a coupe of weeks ago.  I'm so pissed about that. 
I was waiting to share some new furniture, yet those concepts are still in my head!

But, I did find some of the metal tin strips I was desperate for, to complete a Christmas project - of course, its too late for that project.  I was so excited I finally found some after weeks of online searching...good ole' Hobby Lobby.  I think I will make some miniature chandeliers out of it. I have so many ideas bursting to get out, it too, is driving me bonkers. 

At the same time, I found a lovely cup from TJ Max.  Oh how I love that store. I love this cup so much, that I can't use it~ between the cats and me (should that be I?)  china and glass are easily broken.

I think the only project I have managed to complete, are the Blythe bean bag chairs, pillows and dress stands/coat tress.  I really enjoy making these.

I haven't visited blog friends for a while either... I must do this.  Oh, another thing I must do is decide if I should attend this little course by Danielle Donaldson over at Jeanne Olivers place.  Its called Creative Girl: The Land of Light and Shadows
I love her art. It's so. pretty.