Friday, December 16, 2011

.... so another two months have passed.....

I blame facebook.
Hello, is anyone there?!!

Art dolls. Blythe clothes. Furniture. And a Charity Auction....
LOVE 146 ~ end child sex, slavery, and exploitation.  It still happens you ask?  hell yes.

Here is the auction, here is the story....Click HERE
A collaboration of artists, wanting to make a difference... my handmade contribution ~ 

Please visit the Auction page to read and bid!!!  ~ HERE ~

I've also been busy making clothes for Blythe... here is my girl Elly showing off...

Ika Factory Jewellery
The necklace to the right was made by the beautiful Ivana of IkaFactory.
Also, Elly is sporting a new pair of eyechips, and boots created by my ever-so-talented friend Wendy. She has a groovy new shop you should visit :O) ~ HERE ~

I also made an art doll recently...

Adele's Custom Art Doll

And that's about it!! I've been busy, but not much to show for it!
I hope everyone has a great Christmas... see you in 2012!!