Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ART DOLL GIVEAWAY with a twist...

Raising money for Abilene's Rescue The Animals.

For legal reasons, the format has altered ( see previous post)   Every purchase of an ACEO (Art Card Editions & Originals) as shown above, will  have a unique number (1/500)  every ACEO purchased will give you the opportunity to be given one of the above two dolls and their carousel horses. 

The cost of the ACEO is $2.00  
The more you purchase, the greater chance you have of having the 'giveaway' number!!!!

The giveaway will be finalized on 10th July, however, if Rescue The Animals are able to identify the number, the date may need to change.. (TBC)

I will be sending ACEO's to every previous and new buyer. 

100% of the money raised will be going to Rescue The Animals of Abilene.  I am paying for the listing fees, paypal fees, postage, and of course, I handmade the dolls, and 'altered arted' the horses!!!



You can buy AECO's here: ETSY
or here: EBAY
or there is a button top right of my blog!

Please help me raise money for my local Rescue The Animals... it's just $2 for an AECO card, and look what you could be yours!!!

For more images, check out my Flickr page.


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mad Tea Party & Art Doll Giveaways......

Meet Amethyst
and her friend

Best friends.

Meet their magical carousel horses, Harmony, and Good Fortune.

They flew to Tuscany

 When they landed, Jenkins the orange cat with no tail, whom always gets in on photos shoots, told them of a Fanciful Twist's Mad Tea Party.

It became a tad dark by the time they found their way

so they parked the horses

and found the tea cup, and tea pot,
but no mad tea party was to be seen

so, they took a leisurely rest.....

Want the chance to win one of these dolls and their carousel horses?
$2.00 per ticket (thats $1 per doll!)
All money raised will be going to my local 'Rescue The Animal's (SPCA ~ Abilene)
10th July an online random number generator will decide the winners.

You can purchase tickets here ~ ETSY SHOP
or here ~ EBAY
or, you can go to the top right of my blog, and buy direct! 

Of course, the more you buy, the more chances you have of being a winner!!!
If you can't acess Etsy or Ebay, email me
Please help me raise much needed funds for animals.
Cheers everyone :O)

Azure, Amethyst, the horses and I would be really grateful if you would blog about my event :O)

And, now you have bought lots of tickets :O) go and visit all the other mad tea party goers!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Our new puppy!  yep, another one.  He makes dog number 8, because some freakin idiot decided it would be much better for them to 'dump' on someone elses' property.  Well, in this case, they chose the right property, but come on!  my patience are wearing thin. 
If I ever get to meet the ***** that dump animals, god help them. At least he wasn't beaten.  (my temper is very rare, but when it's let out, duck)

Jesse named him Bernard!  I think it suits him very well.  Out of curiosity, I just googled the meaning of Bernard.. according to 'think baby names' (first site I opened)  ~Strong, Brave, Bear.  Well he was all these things, considering he was in the field of 2 horses and 1 donkey who is renowned for kicking the butt of any intruder.
In fact, our biggest dog Bear (no less) fathers him, and protects him from Lester and Llano, who aren't so keen on new team members for the first few days. If Lester starts growling at Bernard, Bear runs over and puts himself infront of Bernard and guards him, until he deems it safe.  I have never known Bear do this before...

'alright dad, you can protect me' :O)

So, my question is, what breed is he, and how old do you think he is?  I have no clue on this one!  He LOVES water....he sits in the water bowl and plays.
Bear watching the puppies play... just in case :O)

On another note... look what I received in the post this morning...

They were a gift from Christina  She was wondering what she could do with these in her art of doll making.. I was cheeky and said give them to me! so she sent me some, all the way from Sweden.... how lovely was that...
Thank you Christina... I love them!  Christina isn't selling anything right now, but her Etsy link is here.

Finally, I bought this gorgeous print from Paola
This is the first picture I have  matted and framed for myself.  It's great to work on other peoples art, but I had more fun making my own (thanks to Michaels... I did do it in my lunch break!)  to all those other certified framers, yes, I know the frame is oversized for the piece, and the matts are undersized for the frame, but that is what I wanted.  Rules are made to be broken :O)

visit Paola's Etsy shop here  I want to buy everything!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Mad tea party and doll giveaway raffle.......

I've neglected my blog and my blogland friends lately, but now I'm on a roll.... A Fanciful Twists annual Mad Tea Party is on the agenda.... 26th June to be precise.  So, I thought I would combine this with my two doll giveaway/raffle.  The two dolls I am going to make will be going to their....
very own Fairgound Carousal Tea party.  Each doll will have their very own carousel horse as part of the raffle.
I thought it was rather apt, considering the money raised will be going to our local animal shelter.  
I'll be adding raffle tickets to my Etsy shop, and maybe a paypal button on my blog, if I can figure that out!  If this isn't legal, I will see what our animal shelter can come up with!

The chance to win one of two dolls, each with a carousel horse, will cost just $2.... all of which will go to the shelter.
Watch this space folks...I'm counting on you all :O)

Texas raffle laws... what a blooming nightmare!   ok, latest plan is ~ I shall make some ACEO cards (Art Cards Editions and Originals) mini artist trading cards, and sell those instead... each card will be numbered and those numbers will go into the draw.  I will even send them out, so you will not only get chance to win one of two dolls, each with a carousel horse, you'll actually receive a trading card.  The card will be an image from the fairground carousel mad tea party.  (better get practicing the camera skills eh!)

How's that grab ya?

Friday, June 11, 2010


Since we are about to move to Oklahoma, thought this little chap should be called Texas!(above)
and this little one is called
Mulberry, she had glued up eyes, but a trip to the vets helped her out :O)

Stella, loves to 'mother' them....

Badger is growing.... she has one floppy ear and one straight up!

These are a few doll pics... more are on my flickr page...
and I've started listing dolls in my Etsy shop
Sheila's doll.. a commission

Isabella Blue



Jewelry Box

Orange Blossom


Ooh, whilst I was taking photos of some dolls... UPS delivered this...
Can't wait to try it out... I love my skin when it's tanned, but I've decided, as we all know, the sun is bad, very bad.  So here is to some fake stuff... cheers! 

And, my sister sent me these, which I also received today... FIBERS yeah I'm in heaven!

My favourite....

Ok, I think this post is more than long enough.  But I am getting plenty of photography and eye candy practice!
Hope everyone has a lovely weekend :O)