Rescue Horse Progress

Here is 'Mr Skinny'  the first time I saw him, and found the owner.  Following two weeks of being fed, a slight improvement can be seen.  I can't wait to see what he looks like in 6 months time.


I think he is happier soul already ~ (9-9-2014)

Huge Improvements ~ (10-01-2014)

Humphrey (10-17-2014) week 5

Humphrey, Bo, Darcy (10-01-2014)


  1. oh, Abi.... this just brought me to tears... the poor little guy..... How can people be so cruel? Why is anybody allowed to have any animals when they just don't look after them? It's just not fair!! I hate it!

    1. I'm sorry V :( He is doing great, honestly. They are sturdy little buggers. Big hugs xx

  2. He will soon flourish and you'll be surprised he ever looked this bad. I love his colour, it's almost a buckskin, is it? Well done and huge horsey hugs to him and you.x

  3. He is doing great so far! His coat is starting to get darker - but its more of a dark grey than a dun/buckskin colour - although in the camera view I can see what you mean!!

  4. Bless your heart! I think this must be your help animals.
    Take Care


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