Friday, October 17, 2014

Week Five.

Horse update :)

Week 5. Horse progress ~ Humphrey is getting a round bum!  yay for plump bums. The lump on his head has gone.  This morning after breakfast, he let me stroke him for the first time - I am so chuffed! Darcy and Bo are doing great too - they are letting me pick their feet up, and are being introduced to halters this weekend.  
They have access to all our acreage now, and if they are in the front yard when I walk to the mail box down the track, they follow me in hope that I'll be getting feed out the box, not mail. 

I was introduced to a trainer yesterday, who seems to train horses exactly how I want - based on 'natural horsemanship' techniques -  no pain methods, bitless bridles, and barefoot (no horse shoes) Since I can't find a trimmer who specializes in barefoot trimming locally, I guess I'm going to have to learn to trim feet myself!

Darcy ~

Humphrey ~

Bo ~

Bums of Bo and Humphrey, Rome inspecting the oval green thing ~

Enjoying the last scraps of breakfast this morning ~

Although I worry a lot, I love having the horses :)  they are the most beautiful, majestic animals ever created, in my humble opinion. 


  1. I envy you so much!
    and I'm so glad these horses have you.

    1. Aw, Cindi! they take a lot of work and money... I'm not sure I envy me, but, I wouldn't not have them :)

  2. Oh, wow .... what a difference Abi !! I'm not sure where the Darcy one came from...I'm sure you just had the two last time I looked on here... oh, well...the more the merrier ... I hope you can find a travelling farrier... doesn't the trainer know anybody ? ... I guess you will have to take some classes... sure would be nice if you could find a hand guy to do it... or girl...I've heard there are gal farriers...

    1. Thanks V! they do look better eh. I missed doing a blog post about Darcy - she was given to me from the same owner Bo and Humphrey came from. It helped him to downsize a bit more :) And since she is a bit older, its helped Humphrey and Bo become a bit more confident.
      The trainer does his own trimming - so I am hoping he will teach me that too :) we will see :) (or if I'm lucky, I may be able to convince him to do my borses.... )

  3. Dear Abi, such beautiful creatures. So majestic, and seemingly, sincere. There is a huge difference in them since you are caring for them. They will return your love! :) xoxo Christel


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