Friday, July 23, 2010

Haiku My Heart....

Oh yes, it's Haiku my Heart Friday with the lovely Rebecca

She sits inspecting
emanating innocent
beauty I admire

Meet Fay, my eldest niece.  What I was attempting to say is that she is beautiful inside and out, and I don't think she realises :O) 


Bernard is growing... alot.  I still don't know what he will turn in to.  He still loves Bear.  He also loves Roam..... alot

Roam has settled in very well, and tolerates Bernard.... alot.  They play all the time. 

They also play with Badger... alot. She was just about to pounce on them in this photo.

Stella, loves the new chair I just bought. I love it because it was an absolute bargain, it looks brand new - cost $95 from my all time favourite antique/junk shop. It's an Ethan Allen chair, a new one would set you back $1200. Don't you just love a bargain? (just for the record, this chair is neither antique nor junk... so it was somewhat misplaced!
Not sure my husband will love it quite so much, pink isn't really his colour. I guess it will be going in my new workroom (studio, if I were to be posh) when we move :O)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday WAS and IS dedicated to Mousey, BUT....

I received this email today from Paul - The Director President (oops) of  Rescue The Animals.  Although today was and is dedicated to my best friend Mouse (post below)  I wanted to pass this email and photo on to all you fantastic folk, who helped me raise money ~

"Thank you again for your tremendous donation. We spent a good chunk of the money yesterday treating 16 dogs for heartworms. They will stay in our heartworm wing at the clinic for about 6 weeks before they can be adopted.
With the local heartworm epidemic, we have been having trouble keeping up with the cost of the medications. The Brownwood Humane Society sent us a dog last week to treat because they could not afford to. His picture is attached. Your donors have saved his life along with many others.

Say Hi before you split for Oklahoma!
Thanks again,
Paul Washburn
Rescue the Animals, SPCA"

Thanks guys... you rock :O)

Also, than you to everyone who is leaving lovely comments about mousey.... I can't thank you enough :O)

Haiku My Heart....

It's Friday, with Rebecca, my Haiku mentor, over at her place....... go see :O)

He was my best friend
A rescue dog of sixsteen
My friend, I miss you

Mouse....passed away Monday 12th July

Monday, July 12, 2010

Giveaway Draw Results......

My cowgirl hat

802 numbers

The Director Paul, and his dogs at Rescue The Animals.. pulls the first number...

200 ~ Summer Smith - Tennessee, USA

Paul dives in for a second number....

240 ~ Stephanie Smith ~ Queensland, Australia

CONGRATULATIONS Summer and Stephanie. 

Summer... I didn't know what your last name was, until I just went to your blog to see if it was on your profile... didn't think to do that when I was typing out all the names last night!  What a coincidence you both have the same last name, and both fall into the 200's!!! 

As we raised so much money, I am giving away a doll from my shop.  The kittens really wanted to play with the bits of paper, so when I got home, I thought I would let them.....

Texas picked one up in his mouth..

Texas couldn't watch, unlike Mulberry.....

Soggy paper but, CONGRATULATIONS Shauna Henry 328 - Oklahoma, USA.  You get to choose a doll from my shop.

Gosh, I guess 'S' names are lucky!!

Lastly.... another doll from my shop goes to a fellow artist, and a generous friend.  You know who you are Pattee :O)

Thank you so much to everyone. I feel so bad everybody didn't win.
Thanks to you all, we raised........ $2240.00

Rescue The Animals wishes to thank you too, and will feature the event on their website, once I get a photo sorted!

Something was 'bugging' me in my head, and I felt the need to give one more doll away... ok, maybe it was the glass of red I just enjoyed, or the fact that why didn't I check to see the name Mulberry had tried to eat?

So, I checked, and 449 ~ Crystal Massuda from Massachusetts.. you are a winner too. 

Sunday, July 11, 2010

New doggy, poorly doggy :o)

A little story.....
A photo of Mouse, two years ago, back in England.
First thing this morning I took Jesse to the airport... Airforce training of some sort in sunny California for two weeks.  I was going to go straight to work, but my 16 year old doggy Mouse was not well this morning, so I thought I would pop home and check on him before going to work....

About a mile from home, I saw a dog limping badly on the road... (ooooh dear I said to myself, actually, I think I swore)
To cut a long story short ~ I stopped, called, she came, she got in the truck, she licked me, she wagged her tail....she's doggy number 9.

She's under weight, has red raw paws, fleas, and a beautiful temperament.  I think she is a Red Heeler X Collie of some sorts... who knows!

I can't think of a name for her though.... any ideas would be very welcome?  One condition: It has to be a non-human name :O)

Mouses' back end keeps collapsing, and he is acting very odd.   Not good, so he is going to sleep on my bed tonight (this is an enormous treat) so I can give him a cuddle.  The vets will give him a once over tomorrow, following the doll giveaway draw.....
Oh my gosh, I am so thrilled with the generosity and support you guys have given me.... between us, we have exceeded my expectations! 

I am going to feel sooooooo guilty for all those who don't win... I wish I could make you all a doll!

Until tomorrow then....

Saturday, July 10, 2010

ALiCe iN WoNdErLAnD ADO blog event.....

My Aice In Wonderland entry!  Go visit all the other fabulous dolls made for the ADO 2nd blog event challenge.

Hey!  just two more days left to enter the Art Doll Giveaway... ends 9pm (CT) Sunday 11th.

Texas bought his sister Mulberry over to'help' me.  So far, we have 574 numbers to write out on bits of paper to go into the cowboy hat for the draw on Monday.

There is still time to go buy! There are 11 tickets left in my Etsy shop... I've paid the listing fee, so please go buy them... and if you want more:  my Ebay, or click on the button top far right of my blog!

Can you resist these cute little eyes?  Mulberry is saying... Please go buy tickets... kittens like us who were abandoned and now live in the shelter over at Rescue The Animals, need your money :O)

Thank you so much everyone... couldn't have done this without you :O)

Hey it's my ****100th***** post today!!!!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Our Wedding Anniversary!

It's our 4th today!  Jesse is soooo patient with me... here I am blogging, and making ACEO's for the fundraising event!  tut tut.  We will be going out to celebrate tomorrow though :O)

Giveaway update.....

Paul the Director of Rescue The Animals, is gong to pull two numbers out from a cowboy hat on Monday 12th July.  I am sorry for the delay, which I was expecting...but I hope you don't mind too much.  I will take my camera to take some shots of the event!! 
I will post the results on my blog that evening, and let you know the grand total we raised :O)

There is still time to buy a  $2 ACEO if you would like to contribute to the funds (will end Sunday 9pm CT)...all money raised is going to Abilene's 'Rescue The Animals'
I will send an ACEO, and also email you the numbers  (the cards won't reach you by the draw date)

If you would like the chance to win one of these two dolls and their carousel horses, you can buy cards
Here: ETSY
Here: EBAY or,
the button top right of my blog.



For more images, please see previous posts.

Thanks everyone... couldn't do this without you guys :O)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


To ~ all you lovely, kind, caring folk out there who have bought ACEO's (tickets) for my art doll giveaway to raise funds for our local 'Rescue The Animals'.....

 You will be getting an ACEO (ticket) in the mail.  I am making them as fast as I can, and my little helper Texas here, keeps slacking on me :O)  

I will also email the number/s to you, so you have them in time for the giveaway finale!

I still need to confirm where, when and how this will happen, but I'll let you know shortly.

After I took the photo of him slacking...he moved to a more comfortable location... taking with him this ACEO, so whoever has the card with teeth marks on it.. you know who the culprit is :O)

For more details on the giveaway event.. check out all the posts below......
Cheers everyone!!
Thanking you for your support....

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Etsy Treasury & Art Doll Giveaway with a Twist...

My latest Etsy Treasury features artists from two teams I proudly belong to....

Art Dolls Only is a team of Artists who make OOAK Art Dolls.  We support one another, champion one another and promote the Art Doll medium (amongst many other things!)

Etsy Project Embrace is a collaboration of Artists whose  purpose is to create awareness and support for people who have been diagnosed with cancer, and donate a percentage of sales from their Etsy shop.  Here is the link to our fundraising page of The American Cancer Society 

To view the shop of each Artist click here: TREASURY


I'm raising money for our local Rescue The Animals, by selling $2 ACEO cards of the two giveaway dolls shown below.  Each ACEO has a unique number. On the 10th July (TBC with the Rescue Center) two numbers will be picked... the owners of those numbers get the giveaway dolls and their horses.

If you buy more than one ACEO, I will only send one, with any additional numbers added, unless you request otherwise.

You can buy from here:  ETSY
here: EBAY
or on my blog top right button.
The ACEO cards are approx 3x4" Strathmore cardstock, vellum envelopes and silk ribbon to complete.

Thank you so much for supporting me, and thank you to those of you who have blogged, facebooked and twittered... all this help is so appreciated!!!

Happy Independence Day

Saturday, July 3, 2010

My HAIKU & ART DOLL GIVEAWAY with a twist :O)

My beautiful friend Rebecca, over at Recerda Mi Corazon has began a 'Haiku my heart' feature. This is my (somewhat poor) attempt!!

Buy a card from Abi
To raise money for rescued
Animals today......

and here is how...

Every purchase of an ACEO (Art Card Editions & Originals) as shown above, will have a unique number.  Every ACEO purchased will give you the opportunity to be given one of the above two dolls and their carousel horses.

The cost of the ACEO is $2.00

The more you purchase, the greater chance you have of having the 'giveaway' number!!!!

You can buy AECO's here: ETSY
or here: EBAY
or there is a button top right of my blog!

If you purchase more than one, I will send only one, with all the additional numbers on, unless you request otherwise.

The giveaway will be finalized on 10th July, however, if Rescue The Animals are able to identify the number, the date may need to change (TBC)  They have a Dachshund Race that day!

100% of the money raised will be going to Rescue The Animals of Abilene.

I am paying for the listing fees, paypal fees, postage, and of course, I handmade the dolls, and 'altered arted' the horses!!!

Amethyst & Good Fortune

Azure & Harmony 

Please see previous posts for more images.....

 (kitty cat image courtesy of Sharon Montrose..Thank you)