Sunday, July 11, 2010

New doggy, poorly doggy :o)

A little story.....
A photo of Mouse, two years ago, back in England.
First thing this morning I took Jesse to the airport... Airforce training of some sort in sunny California for two weeks.  I was going to go straight to work, but my 16 year old doggy Mouse was not well this morning, so I thought I would pop home and check on him before going to work....

About a mile from home, I saw a dog limping badly on the road... (ooooh dear I said to myself, actually, I think I swore)
To cut a long story short ~ I stopped, called, she came, she got in the truck, she licked me, she wagged her tail....she's doggy number 9.

She's under weight, has red raw paws, fleas, and a beautiful temperament.  I think she is a Red Heeler X Collie of some sorts... who knows!

I can't think of a name for her though.... any ideas would be very welcome?  One condition: It has to be a non-human name :O)

Mouses' back end keeps collapsing, and he is acting very odd.   Not good, so he is going to sleep on my bed tonight (this is an enormous treat) so I can give him a cuddle.  The vets will give him a once over tomorrow, following the doll giveaway draw.....
Oh my gosh, I am so thrilled with the generosity and support you guys have given me.... between us, we have exceeded my expectations! 

I am going to feel sooooooo guilty for all those who don't win... I wish I could make you all a doll!

Until tomorrow then....


  1. She definitely looks like she has Border Collie in her- she's gorgeous. I can't think of a non-human name for her, though!

    I hope Mouse feels better soon. :)

  2. awww...sorry to hear about little Mouse ... he is getting to be a little old guy now at 16 isn't he?......... hugs to him....

    and.... omg.... it never bloody ends! what is wrong with people? ... not number nine!.... she is a "Ninja" ... a little road warrior... .. who looks to have travelled a long way if her paws are raw..... .... I hope she settles and gives up trying to find those owners.... she will have a great life with you Abi.

    Forget raising $$$ for the animal shelters. ... get yourself a charitable donation number and we can start donating directly to YOUR animal shelter because that is exactly what you are. Abi's haven for the lost and abandoned. All I can say is ...thankfully you do take them all in....but, many can you manage? .... this is terrible....

  3. I'm inclined to agree with should raise funds for your own dog shelter!!! Goodness! I hope Mouse will be okay. I look forward to you making me a doll...heeheehee!

    hugz, Pam

  4. She is gorgeous Abi and very lucky you found her.
    Bless you for taking her in, I hope she settles with you.
    Hope Mouse is better soon too, that is a grand old age for a dog !
    julie xx

  5. Where on earth do all these animals come from? I thought Britain was bad for abandoned animals but this is crazy. Poor Hopalong, hope they both feel better soon :o)

  6. I hope Mouse is getting better soon.
    The cruelty of people drives me crazy. I´m so glad you found her! You are a great person!

  7. Yeap, I also agree with BumbleVee's comment from first letter to the last one!!!
    ...Mouse, poor fellow, he is very old, and unfortunately those things starts to happen at that age, but I'm sure you already know that...
    oh, and although your new dogie is in a poorly state, she is with no doubt very beautiful,so i would call her Beauty ;-)

  8. Abi you have a golden heart and that is a treasure to have in this world. I have 13 rescue cats now counting the little old girl who was thrown from a car last month (cats are what are abandoned around here) and I always said if the Lord brings them to me I will do my best for them. And no matter how bad things have gotten in life there was always a roof over my head and food on the table.
    As for winning or not winning a doll, knowing you Abi is a prize in itself and I feel blessed to have been a part of the process.
    Prayers for your sweet Mouse today and maybe since you think the new gorl is a Heeler you could name her "Healer". She looks like she has a bit of Australian Cattle Dog?
    Tina xo

  9. Do you have any animal chiropractors in your area? The vet I work for is certified and has been amazing in helping hurt and/or elderly pets. I have SO many great stories about that, one of which was this elderly dog dragging her hind legs behind her and after several adjustments is now running around and playing with the youngsters!
    A name? How about Lucky? I once had a cat named that. (Well actually his name was Damn Lucky! tee hee) I had gone to a shelter with a friend for HER to adopt and I ended up with him because that was his LAST day. One of the best kitties I've ever had....
    And I think you will know how many you can manage (I've got a couple more than you but most are small)..Hey check out the lastest "Happy Ending" on my blog if you have time!
    XOXO - Cindi

  10. Great story, Abi. Beautiful doll and very lucky to have found you. Poor little Mouse...sending you both many blessings...just breaks my heart when one of my little babies are sick.


  11. She is BEAUTIFUL. Who could ever resist that sweet angel face? Name? Angel? How about Fortuna - the Roman Goddess of Good luck? For she truly is fortunate to have found someone like you to care for her. Thank you SO many would probably have ignored her. And I DO hope Mouse feels better soon...what a cutie pie! Theresa xoxo

  12. great name suggestions you're getting, but when I saw Mouse, the first thing that popped in my head was ... Gouda.

    thanks for living the example & sending get-better-quickly wishes to Mouse.

  13. You my friend have one of the biggest hearts I know of....

    Poor little Mouse what a sweet looking dog he is.. I hope he's going to be Ok as Ok as he can be...

    #9 Wow are you going to keep her? She's quite the beauty... If I lived closer I'd love to give her a home.
    Hmmm I've never been good at giving animals names...Like 3 of my 7 chickens are called Mama! While I was reading your post I heard a friend in the other room say trigger... and I was looking at her picture, so thats the only name I can think of now when I look at her picture : )

    I was so shocked my husband set this up for me... Chicago! NIADA! He's not like that at all so this was a shock!!!! I will take oodles of pictures~: )

    Today is the day!!!!!
    Hugs to you and your little old Mouse~

  14. biscuit?

    you are such a lover of animals.
    perhaps a patron saint of animals at that!!!

    i am so happy for your success at raising support for the shelter.

    you are helping so many lovely animals in need.


  15. Thank goodness she found Abi Monroe!! I think she may be an Australian Shepherd, they are gorgeous dogs. How about calling her Number Nine or Aussie? My prayers are with poor little Mouse xo

  16. Ooooh she's lovely. How about Citrine for a name? Hope her limp heals fast :)

  17. Oh I hope Mouse will be ok. And the new dog is so pretty. And so brave. I bet the dogs your getting may come from the floods in Louisiana. Some of these dogs could have been wandering for so long. And they finally found you. I think you should call her Bella Wander. It's weird but catchy.

  18. Hope Mouse is feeling better, and I'm sure your new friend is much happier!

  19. Rowan, Tinka,Willow,Bee,Gypsy,Damson, Heather,Holly,


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