Saturday, August 16, 2014

Oh My Gosh

It's been three years, and one day, since I opened my Etsy shop selling clothes, and now furniture, for funny little dolls.  Dolls I thought were hideous when I was first introduced to them.  Now I really love them.

This is Elly - my first Blythe doll, wearing one of the first outfits I created in 2011 ~ My friend Deb customized the doll, and I adore her.

Now I spend more time designing and creating furniture for dolls.  There are so many more talented people out there, I prefer their clothes to making my own.  Mine seem a bit naff these days, and I don't have the patience to learn new sewing techniques.

I did, however, learn how to freestyle quilt (at least, I think that is what it's called)  - it happened by accident really.  It wasn't something I had intended on doing.  You-tube is an exceedingly useful medium when learning to miter binding corners...I'm not sure I will ever have the patience, time, or technical ability to work on pieced quilts, so will leave that to the experts. 

I have also started to revisit open closets ~  They are fun to create.

I have also become a BOOTH renter in a local Antique/Gift Store.  I am so excited, and quite petrified at the same time.  I'm working on painted furniture for humans, lots of home decor, and gifts.  It's the perfect time of year to get going, since Christmas is fast approaching.  I will share some images in my next post....

Until then....