Sunday, October 16, 2011

Oh My Gosh! two months & a *new shop*

Two entire months without a post - I don't believe it!  where has time there anyone out there?
I have had a good time... my parents came to visit from England, and I didn't want them to leave, I've made a few art dolls, and lot's of clothes for Blythe....
I miss my parents.

The art dolls..
Talvi Art doll

Antonia's Custom Doll, named Whisper

Shelley's custom art doll

I have had a fun and frustrating time making clothes patterns for Blythe... unfortunately I have thrown more away than actually created.  The learning process is a tough one, but life would be boring if everything was a breeze.
Here are a few...


Wool Flannel Wrap skirt

Taylor Couture
Well, you get the idea... 
My new *Etsy Shop* opens today! yay! 
If you'd like to see more of my *Winter Collection* check out my shop ~

I also have a new doll... she is a resin BJD Lati Green Senny ~ she is super cute, and the first of many more BJD's I am positive!
Winter & Bunny
She was owned by my friend Lisa Marie who named  her Winter Lilee. She arrived a couple of days ago, with her bunny!
I made her a little outfit ~
Winter being observed....
Toblerone found a not-so-great place to sit and view the new addition.
Until next to catch up on everyone else :O)