Monday, August 31, 2009

Etsy Project Embrace

I've just joined a wonderful group of Etsians who have come together to raise funds for the American Cancer Society. Etsian Laura from Creatively Tangled was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and is currently on a Chemo programme.
To get more comprehensive information please visit Laura's blog.
Members of Etsy Project Embrace donate a percentage of sales to the Society, and you can see the progress by clicking the link on Laura's blog.
Cancer scares the hell out of me, so I figured that if I could contribute to raising funds, I would be facing my fear, to some degree!
The button above takes you to the Etsy forum thread for more info! (if you click on it that is!)
Thank you to Dionne from City of Dionne for adding me to her wonderful treasury: Here is the link: Don't foget to check out Dionnes beautiful shop too!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

New Etsy Treasuries.....

This is the latest one I created for ADO, added some guests too:
My Treasury Buddy, Rose from Janelizabeths also created a lovely one at the same time! ~

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Halloween Challenge & Treasuries!

A sketch of where my thoughts are going with my ADO Challenge ~ not very far really! I'm trying so hard to make it Halloweeny, and the best I can come up with is a velvet pumkin handbag, a fancy corset and a venetian mask, and a grey silk coat with an orange lining!
Oh where is my imagination!!! LOL
Check out this weeks Treasury...
Another divine treasury from Noblegnome, featuring one of my mannequins:
Thank you so much! I think I have found some fellow treasure hunters!
Merritt has just created another stunning treasury, and included my hearts! check out her gorgeous Etsy shop as well as the treasury:
Merritt makes her art from reclaimed tin and wood. I love all her pieces, and I now know what everyone will be getting for Christmas! :O) it's not far away ya know!

Monday, August 24, 2009

MoNdAy MoRnInG

Words don't look right when they are mixed up in high and low case do they! Lester's going to be mixed up later, he went to the Vets for the snip this morning, poor thing. But! I had 3 lovely surprises today... Look who it is! My Tony Bear!! Oh I love him so much! he is utterly adorable! Thank you so much Grace. Go check out her wonderful creations ~ Little Black Crow Studio Oop, I didn't straighten out his little sailors collar before I took his photo - better make sure you visit Grace's store to see much better photography skills! Talking of photography..... I received a stunning print from fine art photographer JC Ritchie I love it ~ Image below. Click on his name to visit his Etsy shop - it truly is worthwhile. Or, click on the image to visit his website...... Ideally, do both! Today JaneElizabeths featured one of my mannequins in her lovely treasury... Thankyou!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday Stuff

Thank you to noblegome for adding me to your Etsy Treasury. It's another beautiful collection. Above are a gorgeous pair of earings Noblegnome created. My favorite!
And also thank you to MarciG for adding me to her treasury too! Check out her delightful works of art too!
Three in one weekend! (Merritt's is at the end of this post and made it to the front page! well done) I feel very honored. Thank you. ~ This wonderful doll reminds me of me! tee hee. She even has a little cat! Go check out this artist ~ she's amazing. Lesley-Anne Green
Also, check out the ADO Blog - I have just added some video clips of 'Bagpuss'... I know Yve from Freaky Little Dolls knows of the TV programme, but does anyone else? Truly magical. This is Onray, one of my 8 cats. I could hear him meowing, but couldn't see him until I looked up! he thought the pergola was a great play spot. I wondered who had been messing with my hanging baskets!
One of my new Jewelry mannequins and boxes added to my Etsy shop

Thank you Merritt for adding me to your stunning treasury ~

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Today's Treasury & some worry....

Gosh, I'm doing my nut, one of may cats hasn't come home from her nightly wander, and I'm starting to freak out. She normally comes when I call her, and although she has 40 acres of wildneress to play in, she's usually back by now - it is really windy, so maybe she can't hear me, but she does normally come home for some food by now.... worry worry worry... Panic over, she just came home, wondering what all my fuss was about I expect.... :O) I'm so stupid!
Please check out these wonderful artists.... It's called 'I dove it again'. Should have put I've (to have been grammatically correct) but I'm sure people won't be too offended!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Day Three, and.....

Lester found the couch! this is how cute he looked when I told him to get off! Who me?

Etsy Treasury!

At Last! My last Treasury made it to the front page!! (my sales have gone sky high (not! tee hee)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Our 3rd Stray dog for this year!

I'd like to introduce 'Lester' - our latest stray dog! I picked him up off the road on my way back from the post office this morning. I saw him on my way to the PO, but a car had already pulled over, so I was relieved that someone else was attending to him (so I thought) I return, and guess who's still darting around on the road - he was! I pulled over, and to cut a long story short, he is now our 6th dog...... Initiation into the rest of the pack was a little stressful for everyone, but it went OK......
Poor Chablis on the right, she told Jake "crap, another male dog, thats 5 boys and me!" Not ideal eh. He is flea ridden, and has some terrible infected sores on both ears - in the same places ~ under his ears, where his ear connects to his head, and on the top of his ear, and he has something odd at the tip of one ear- looks like about 50 miniature ticks - I have no clue what it is. He has sores on all legs, and on his butt. He is quite timid, but loves fuss, and food! He'll be going to the Vets on Monday for a checkup. ~ Any ideas on breeding? I need to take some better photos once he's settled in.... oh, and he has a dewclaw on one hind leg - how odd is that! ~ This is one thing I hate about Texas - or at least where I live - there are thousands of lost, abused, and/or dumped dogs ~ we've only saved 3 simply because our paths met (I bet by this time next year it'll be 30! LOL)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pixie Penelope!

She's finished! at last! Thanks for everyone's support and inspiration! This weeks Treasury: They are all adorable!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Ok, here's my thinking.... Ballet ~ Stravinsky Violin Concerto, first premiered 1972 by New York City Ballet..... I'm going to make a violin for her back leg to rest on! credible or crazy? You see, you guys get me out of my box, and I come up with crazy ideas!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Help help help...I need help!

I decided that once she was painted, I needed to do more sanding.... in the process I fractured a finger and snapped off the wooden dowel she was going to need for support to hold her up in the ornate base I'd spent hours creating. Grrr.
So, my friends, how on earth am I going to get this chick to balance now? She will be a ballerina fairy (hopefully this year!) but her wings aren't going to do much good!
With everyones bright ideas so far, I also came across this fabulous website via sprite (thank you Sprite), it suits my needs perfectly (needs and must haves, and don't really need but really must have!!)
Its called OOAK Artist Emporium by an amazing Artist Judy's wycked Ways. And now you all tell me you're already fans of this site, and you've been an avid customer for ages! well I am new to the clay world aren't I!!)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009