Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Help help help...I need help!

I decided that once she was painted, I needed to do more sanding.... in the process I fractured a finger and snapped off the wooden dowel she was going to need for support to hold her up in the ornate base I'd spent hours creating. Grrr.
So, my friends, how on earth am I going to get this chick to balance now? She will be a ballerina fairy (hopefully this year!) but her wings aren't going to do much good!
With everyones bright ideas so far, I also came across this fabulous website via sprite (thank you Sprite), it suits my needs perfectly (needs and must haves, and don't really need but really must have!!)
Its called OOAK Artist Emporium by an amazing Artist Judy's wycked Ways. And now you all tell me you're already fans of this site, and you've been an avid customer for ages! well I am new to the clay world aren't I!!)


  1. Hi Abi! :) Aww, Don't you just hate when things like that happen? I've convinced myself that these things happen for a reason and that the piece must be trying to tell me to do something differently or to learn something new(and not that i'm just clumsy) ;)

    What is she made from? Polymer? air dry? The finger should be an easy enough fix, luckily since you will be painting it it wont matter what color or medium you use to do it! I usually sculpt another in polymer or apoxie and attach it with apoxie or zap a gap glue.

    Did the dowel run through her leg? If it's too difficult to hand drill a hole into her foot for a rod that connects to the base without it cracking, you may need to rethink the piece a little. :) Maybe add something to the base for her foot to slip into or If you wanted to permanently attach her to the base, using apoxie & wire to wrap around the leg to hold it in place, and cover it with vines, or even a piece of ribbon/ delicate fabric, coming up her leg that covers the supports.

    Well, That was a mouthful! don't know if that helps, but I hope :)


  2. Abi...

    Sprite is so on with what to do. She is absolutely awe....

    Hope all works out....

    xox S

  3. Can she be suspended with transparent fishing line-I think she would be beautiful flying!
    Good luck-she has a wonderful graceful pose.

  4. Oh see, sometimes I am so blind to the possibilties! She is made from super sculpey - the dowel ran all the way through her body, and it just snapped at her toe, so no way to drill through - I love the idea of a vine or something covering up wire, and I also love the idea of her flying! to be suspended would be amazing - like a mobile I guess?
    Now my mind is on a mission....
    Thank you so much guys, I feel inspired instead of depressed!
    Sprite - it was definately not my clumsy, heavy handed fingers, I like the idea that it was her fate! tee hee, I take no responsibility! :O)
    Thank you for your support Sonia!

  5. How big a diameter was the dowel? Is it possible to drill a small hole into the dowel at both ends and re-connect with a sturdy wire insert? Think of a biscuit joint in woodworking.

    I've used sprites method of over wrapping with wire before see the Venetian Masquerade doll in my etsy shop. It needed more support than what I gave her initially.

  6. Hey Nancy - the dowel was about 5mm wide - but I just dare not drill - look what happens when I use sanding paper! tee hee!

  7. Sorry I can't help! But she is looking good otherwise.

  8. hi Abi.... the pot holding up her back foot works too..

    how about adding something about that height to the base you already have and using Apoxy Sculpt to attach the foot to it...and also a bit more Apoxy under the bottom foot and it should hold it solid....

    she is so graceful.....

  9. Thanks V - yep, maybe the pot will suffice!! :O)
    Another good thought with the ole apoxy sculpt!

  10. Your statue is so beautiful and graceful. I work with clay all the time and have made mobiles. Clay, I find is so fragile. I had to start to use cheap toilet paper "like Scott" with no texture and cover the clay starting with thin pieces of toilet paper and watered down glue and keep adding on, to keep the smooth look but ending up a lot more durable and least likely to break, kinda like a mummy. I think your piece would look gorgeous as a mobile and if you'd rather have her stand, the pot or some kind of object that she goes with surely could help with her standing up. Maybe another figure that goes with her like another dancer, man or woman, a tree?
    Anyway, I'm sure you will figure it out! Just wanted to let you know so far she is fabulous!!!!
    Linda :)

  11. She will be lovely whatever you decide to do next! Do you think she will be suspended from a standing ornament hanger, I think you could easily make one......just get a book from the library again ....!!!! tee hee xx

  12. she is exquisite! in total awe, but im way too untalented too offer suggestions :) i'll just admire

    kind wishes

  13. Thanks guys! Meandering pearl - you're not untalented!

  14. Abi She is beautiful! I love the experimental way of creating. She will be awesome however you finish her!
    Can't wait to see what you decide. :)

  15. I love the tought of her flying,or just coming down to alight on a flower, inspired work, beautiful. Lindax

  16. I think she looked great even like this. Fabulous!


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