Monday, April 26, 2010


Beaver County Humane Society are hosting a fund raising event for their shelter, supporting over 4000 animals each year.
It's an online pet photo contest... all I did was pay $20 to submit a photo (Bazzil above), and now I get everyone I know on this planet to vote for Bazzil. The minimum vote is $5.

The top 2 contestants, based on the most votes, gets a cash prize and the photo will be turned into a set of note cards. (cash prize for runner-ups too!) If  I win, I mean if Bazzil wins, I will be giving the cash prize back to the animal shelter.
So, please please please go and vote for Bazzil. I want to win this!!!!

The website: click here

Out of my 10 cats and 6 dogs (soon to be 7!) I couldn't choose a good enough photo, so I chose Bazzil who is actually my sisters adorable dog!

If my calculations are correct (and anyone who knows me well, knows math is not my strong point!) we raised an amazing....... $3810.00 ~ for the Oaxacan Streetchildren Grassroots....

Well done to everyone who contributed an amazing shrine, and thanks for all the bids :O) Mine raised $225, so I was pleased. I am also going to be a proud owner of 2 wonderful shrines...
Thanks Rebecca, for organizing this event. It's been a pleasure getting to know you.

Friday, April 23, 2010


My Alice in Wonderland challenge doll for ADO.  She sits in a New Chelsea British teacup and saucer :O)


There is still time to go and bid on the wonderful shrines over at

The closing date has been extended to Sunday 25th April, 6pm PST. 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend :O)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Etsy Treasury and Sally's Traveling Art Doll

A gathering of Etsy Art Dolls Only, Etsy Project Embrace ~ raising money for Cancer Research, and it all links to the Oaxaca Streetchildren Grassroots Cigar Box Shrine Auction ~ recuerda mi corazon
To view the Treasury, and comment of course, click here.

Sally's Traveling Doll update.....
Sally made the fabric doll, Nancy made the moccasins and I added a paper clay head and painted with acrylics.  I really really wanted to add some fiber for hair, but since she still needs to visit three more artisits, I resisted :O)

Paula's doll arrived today... more fun :O)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Calusa and the Oaxaca Street Children Grassroots Cigar Box Shrine Art Auction.....

Meet Calusa, who was once called Brulee (as in Creme Brulee), but I didn't think the translation of burnt was quite what I had in mind... then she became Florida, because she's holding a Key (a vintage key at that) thought I was being clever, but she just didn't look like a Florida.   So, I googled Florida, and discovered that The Calusa was a Native American group that lived on the coast and along the inner waterways of Florida's southwest coast.  Although she is far from being a Native American, I liked the name :O)

She's in my Etsy shop: Abi Monroe

Now to more important things......

An example of the fantastic shrines...created by Deb Taylor and Maija Lepore
The auction website is now public for viewing....

Please go and view the wonderful collection of shrines... tomorrow bidding will commence, so make sure you go bid on them all too!
***One hundred percent of the funds generated in this auction will go directly to the project***

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hello! it's been a while :O)


My latest Art Doll ~ Fern and her frog Fred, who refuses to turn into a Prince :O(

When the time on the amazing Cigar Box Shrines already in the auction..... the auction officially commences on 17th through to 24th April. With a preview on the 16th April. I will post details of the auction website nearer the time.
One hundred percent of the funds generated in the upcoming auction will go directly to the project.

Having just returned from England, I still feel a little homesick :O(  My Grandma's funeral service was lovely, and I have lots of treasures to remind me of her life :O)
Spending time with my Mum & Dad was great, as was time with my sister (on the left), and my rapidly growing gorgeous neices (oh, and my brother-in-law of course! well, he isn't rapidly growing except for the grey hairs tee hee)

My beloved black cat died the day I returned form England, eek, I so miss him.

Onray returned from the vets yesterday.... he got bitten by a Rattlesnake AGAIN!

Bobby vanished for three days, has returned thank god, but she's never gone wandering, so I was freaked out for a while...

Well folks, I think that's about it for one day :O)