Sunday, August 14, 2011

{New Dolls, Blythe, & a Brown Widow, not} oh, & an Etsy SALE!

Here are a couple of ornament art doll busts I made for the ADO mini monthly challenge ~ half & half ~
Harriet the Pig, & Evelyn the Cat
Harriet Pig & Evelyn Cat Ornament
My obsession for Blythe dolls is mounting.  I don't know why, I really didn't like them until recently.  I blame my friends Wendy & Deb.
I have just ordered my first Blythe, whom I intend to customize.  She will be my model for the clothes line I am going to create.  
Photo credit ~ Emily Grey

Boy, I sure could use a drink !
Best photographer of Blythe Dolls I've seen thus far.
We have an amazing Black Widow spider living under the eaves of the studio/sunroom (several in fact!) - I think they are beautiful ~
Southern Black Widow
I couldn't get a decent photo, unlike this one by Rivadock4
The other morning, I spotted a spider on the inside of the window, right where one Black Widow has her nest on the outside.  At first, I wondered why she had moved inside - closer inspection realised it wasn't her.  I got very excited because I thought it was a Brown widow... alas, it wasn't.  
I thought it was a Brown Widow at first, gutted it wasn't

Garden spider in the house

Garden spider in the house
Poor thing wasn't happy about being in a glass jar, so I found her a new home.  Outside.

To celebrate my excitement of my new shop (although it's empty right now!) I 'm having a little sale over at my ~ Etsy art doll shop

Monday, August 8, 2011

{new dolls & ebay}

I joined Ebay (was an member) but it's all changed so much - took me forever to figure it all out.
I listed my Zutter machines, since I don't use them, and got the bug for auctions again, so I listed my latest doll ~
Here is the listing ~ Meadow
Feedback welcome - There is still an hour or so on the Zutter machines if you want a new toy :O)

and here she is with Seal the kitten :O)
Meadow & Seal

I also made another doll called Noirelle ~
She is in my Etsy shop
and check out these little sweeties ~
I wish they would stay as kittens :O)
Hope everyone has a great week!

Monday, August 1, 2011

~ Dolls & Mannequins ~

Happy 1st August!!
Here is a selection of dolls and jewelry display mannequins I've been working on...

Her name is Philoo.  
This is Birdy, with her egg.  Gone to live with my friend Cindi ~
Birdy art doll
Here are a couple of ornament art dolls ~
Ornament 2

Ornament One
And some mannequins, to display jewelry ~
Jewelry Mannequin. Custom

Jewelry Mannequin

Jewelry Stand

Jewelry Mannequin 2
Back to work :O) Hope everyone has a great week.