Sunday, May 29, 2011

~ Kittens & Things ~

Yesterday was an eventful day with one thing and another... but here is one cute fella with a disability, who arrived along with his(or her!) 3 siblings...
Grey's disabled baby
Two of the them have this problem....
Grey's disabled baby
But, they are nursing well.  I am hoping I can manipulate them back to the right position with some light physio.
Grey's babies
Grey is doing so well! she must be tired.
Tiger thinks it's all a bore....
The photo of this little guy was taken by Bobby
An Ornate Box Turtle. 
I understand they are an endangered species here in Oklahoma.  I wonder if the 'counters' have sat on our land... I remove at least 2 a day from the dog yard, and put them over in the field where I set up some little water holes for them.  Out of 10 acres, why on earth do they keep wanting in the dog yard?  I don't know about endangered, but they are in danger every day they tip toe into the dog part ~ how they do that with a fence all around?  I think they are super cute.
The previous owner did a fabulous job of planting aromatic plants! I could sit and smell them all day.
Last, but by no means least ~
The viewing of art shrines for the benefit auction starts on June 1st
~ will share the link on the 1st ~
Zizula Cynai
Oaxaca Streetchildren Grassroots

Friday, May 27, 2011

New Custom Doll & a Catcus

Firstly, I want to apologise to everyone for not commenting on their blogs, I always like to try & reply, but I can't access the comments section on other blogs (by the sixth time of being asked to sign in, & still being anonymous, I want to throw the laptop out the window, quite frankly!)  It is driving me to distraction.  I'm so tired of Bloggers errors, I  am seriously considering switching to a different blog... but which one?!!...

Anyway, whilst I ponder, here is Miette, a new custom doll.... Thanks Rella, you were so cool to work with.
Custom Doll - Miette
Custom Doll - Miette
Custom Doll - Miette
For more images click  HERE
I'm growing a new rare plant.  called a Catcus ~
New rare plant ~ Catcus
Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.
BTW ~ see the post for auction update ~ HERE

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

ANOTHER POST? but this one is so important!

Zizula Cynai
Auction open for public viewing ~ June 1st
Bidding commences ~ June 5th - June 12th
I will post the link for the Auction on the 1st. 
Here is a bit more detail of my entry...
she is called Zizula Cynai, (a breed of a blue Mexican butterfly)
Zizula Cynai
Zizula Cynai
The money raised will be donated to Oaxaca Streetchildren Grassroots.
I hope you will join me, and the other 29 participating artists :O)
Zizula Cynai

Saturday, May 21, 2011

~ New Custom Doll ~

Thank you Jill.  It was such a pleasure.
Custom Doll
Custom Doll
Custom Doll
Custom Doll
Pointes & kitty 4 blog
Watering the garden (yard) & Anna Majboroda's digital art ~
Garden & Anna Majboroda's digital art
Click above for more images :O)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Doll, New Cat, New Hair Style :O)

Nigella is a custom doll for a very special person. 
Custom Doll
Custom Doll
Custom Doll
Thank you Angie, I enjoyed creating her with you :O)
This is Moo...
She's a stray too :O)
Well, at least she was.  She is addition # 14 
There is something I love about her face - but I can't quite figure it out.
I think she is stray Grey's mom.  She has just been fixed, since we don't really need more cats, especially since Grey is going to have kittens :O)  she was already pregnant when she arrived, so we have to wait until they are born.... I hope she has a small litter!!.. her belly says otherwise.....
They have both settled in very well :O)
The pigs... loving their mud....
Henrietta smiles when she's eating, and in mud.
Isabelle loves it too.....
Aw, I love my smelly dirty pigs :O)
Jesse shaved my hair off.. (sorry mum... I didn't mean to give you a near heart attack)
Abi, Nigel, Badger
Matching hair do's... oops :O)
Jesse, Lester
20" won't take long to grow back.  will it?!!