Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Doll, New Cat, New Hair Style :O)

Nigella is a custom doll for a very special person. 
Custom Doll
Custom Doll
Custom Doll
Thank you Angie, I enjoyed creating her with you :O)
This is Moo...
She's a stray too :O)
Well, at least she was.  She is addition # 14 
There is something I love about her face - but I can't quite figure it out.
I think she is stray Grey's mom.  She has just been fixed, since we don't really need more cats, especially since Grey is going to have kittens :O)  she was already pregnant when she arrived, so we have to wait until they are born.... I hope she has a small litter!!.. her belly says otherwise.....
They have both settled in very well :O)
The pigs... loving their mud....
Henrietta smiles when she's eating, and in mud.
Isabelle loves it too.....
Aw, I love my smelly dirty pigs :O)
Jesse shaved my hair off.. (sorry mum... I didn't mean to give you a near heart attack)
Abi, Nigel, Badger
Matching hair do's... oops :O)
Jesse, Lester
20" won't take long to grow back.  will it?!!


  1. wooow super;Very nice! beautiful hair !

  2. Love the new doll. Totally gorgeous.
    I also love your matching summer heads...you and your lovie. Awesome and you will be so cool this summer...think of all the time you will have left to play with your growing family!!

    xox Rella

  3. Oh my gosh you look so different! I like it! My sister shaved her hair and said it was the most liberating hairstyle she'd ever had!
    Good luck with the kitties :) it's always so nice to have new life in one's house.
    I finally sorted out Rema's place out, with antique books as her little seat, and will post a picture this week and email it to you. When I see her, I smile.

  4. She is gorgeous! I need to see her SHOES, though! You hair looks so good like that! Was this a whim or was there something specific that lead you to give it a shot?

  5. ABI!! Wow love the shaved head, and wish I had the ..stones or whatever it is...to do it myself! You have a beautiful face, no need to embellish with hair! Love Nigella too, such a regal, somber feel to her, and the kitty..a very wise one indeed, I see it in her face! The smelly piggies...umm well lets just say glad they are yours doll! lol xoxoxo Christel

  6. Talk about easy to maintain hair...haha! You have your hands so full...how to you find the time to create such beautifully detailed girls such as you do?!

    I wish I lived near by....my daughter would be a volunteer "ranch hand"...she could be around animals all day!

    What an exciting life you lead, Abi :)

  7. I must say the new 'do' will certainly be cool in the heat of the summer. Love the doll. She is spectacular. Are there people willing to take a new little kitten off your hands or will they become permanent family too?

  8. Hi Abi,
    Love the new do...the new Kitty...and the new doll. I love to come here and read about all your new family members. I wish we had the funds to take a lot of homeless animals. My daughter wants to open a no kill shelter when her kids are grown. I want to see pics of your new kittens when they are born!!
    XOXO Dessa Rae

  9. Abi you look beautiful with your new summer hair:) Your doll is wonderful....as always. Have a wonderful week.

  10. Amazing...just lovely. I've been wanting to make a polymer clay lady...I feel a little intimidated to make one because I'm afraid that thin hands and feet might break. but yours are just lovely.


  11. Oh Abi...you look absolutely beautiful with your new hair style! You are a true beauty!

    I loved seeing pics of your sweet piggies and kitties!


  12. You just won my Giveaway Abi :)


  13. I love your new doll, and your new hair cut... : )You are so beautiful!!!

    LOL Pigs in mud are so much fun!

    Wow you have a house full!!!!
    XXX Pattee

  14. You're so brave with your hair and it looks great :D Mine is at the stage of growing out that just looks untidy!!!

    Your new kitty has quite a regal expression, maybe that's what you like :D

  15. You guys are so great to give these sweet dogs, cats and pigs a happy home. I am so amazed that you shaved your head. I've thought of doing that before but never had the nerve. Good for you! It looks cool.

  16. my darling...there is a story here..i am all ears. you do surprise!
    please tell me your mum has recovered!!

    i love you girl. and your smiling pigs!

  17. Cats, dolls and piggies, I love the all...I bet your place is so much fun with all the animals. I would be a kitty collector too if I lived on a farm and good for you to get a literally fancy free hairdo, it looks great!

  18. Well shoot your is not coming up for me. The doll is beautiful. Love her little shoes. Oh my you will have your hands full with all the little kittens being born. Grey reminds me of my cat who used to look at me like that sometimes and I used to wonder what he was thinking.

  19. Hi Abi! I am finally able to visit with you. Your newest kitty Moo is quite a beauty. I love seeing photos of all your menagerie. What I didn't see is the photo of you! I am sure you look as lovely as ever. :) xoxo Theresa

  20. Oh, I FORGOT to mention that Nigella is absolutely lovely. I love the gorgeous color of her dress and al the special little accessories you add. :) Theresa

  21. Moo is the same colour as my Smokey:) Nigella is beautiful. I love her dress.

  22. Nigella is so beautiful!
    You have such a beautiful soul to welcome all of these wonderful animals. The pigs in the mud really make me smile.:o)) You look stunning with no hair, you have such a beautiful face! Good luck with the kitties, I would love to see pics of them when their born. My favorite color is grey, so I really love your new addition.
    Have a beautiful week,

  23. Hello, Abi! What a change! I suppose you are feeling a little bit differently now and...free... Yes, of course, your hair will grow up sooner or later and even it's possible to be slightly changed. Your face is beautiful and you are looking nice!
    I like Nigella and all the details, such as the belt of roses, the lovely shoes and the ring!
    I hope you'll show us the newborn kitties, when the day comes!:)

  24. Beautiful doll - love the blue dress! Precious pig also!
    - Jordan

  25. Oh Abi! Did you donate your beautiful hair to locks of love? Is someone close to you ill with cancer? You look gorgeous, hair or no hair!! Speaking of hair, what kind of "hair" did you use on your new doll? It looks so shiny and real! Enjoy the kittens my dear! xo Teri

  26. Hi bella friend! A true beauty are you! These new little ones furry and otherwise, are precious! I send you and all your dear ones, furry and otherwise, hee hee, love. Blessings and light, Amy

  27. Oh my god what on earth made you do that -shave off all your beautiful hair I'm sitting here in shock !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Wow Girl !



    psand uhhh...hey whatta hunk :) rrrrr !

  29. I love coming to you blog! You are such an inspiration and your dolls are beautiful and so are you!


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