Friday, October 17, 2014

Week Five.

Horse update :)

Week 5. Horse progress ~ Humphrey is getting a round bum!  yay for plump bums. The lump on his head has gone.  This morning after breakfast, he let me stroke him for the first time - I am so chuffed! Darcy and Bo are doing great too - they are letting me pick their feet up, and are being introduced to halters this weekend.  
They have access to all our acreage now, and if they are in the front yard when I walk to the mail box down the track, they follow me in hope that I'll be getting feed out the box, not mail. 

I was introduced to a trainer yesterday, who seems to train horses exactly how I want - based on 'natural horsemanship' techniques -  no pain methods, bitless bridles, and barefoot (no horse shoes) Since I can't find a trimmer who specializes in barefoot trimming locally, I guess I'm going to have to learn to trim feet myself!

Darcy ~

Humphrey ~

Bo ~

Bums of Bo and Humphrey, Rome inspecting the oval green thing ~

Enjoying the last scraps of breakfast this morning ~

Although I worry a lot, I love having the horses :)  they are the most beautiful, majestic animals ever created, in my humble opinion. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

We've got baby horses :)

Where to begin.  We were aiming for horses in the future. Two well trained, fit and healthy mature, steady horses.
But no. We have been blessed with two rescued colts (and a mare should be here at some point soon) Destiny, fate, divine intervention, stupidity, call it what you will.  When I first clapped eyes on these beasts, I wasn't sure what to do, so I thought it only polite to go find the owner.
He turned out to be quite a nice man, considering he almost starved to death a couple of his horses. Much to my surprise, he agreed to my terms.  They were simple.  Feed them, or be arrested.  I offered to look after some of them, since it seemed clear he couldn't manage the amount he had. The local Vets and Animal Control are aware of the issue.  Long story short, he gave me one of the starved colts, and a pretty healthy 8 month old.  Neither are halter broke.  Actually, they wont let me touch them, but they do follow me, and are curious. They will take food from my hand, so this is a good start.  What's the point of breeding horses, then not bothering to even touch them.  I swear, its beyond me.
Over two weeks, the starved colt has made good progress.  I thought I would share an image of him from two weeks ago - the day I saw, and intervened)  I've put the image on a separate page, so if it is going to upset you, don't visit it.  You'll find 'Mr Skinny' here.
The previous owner didn't name them, and we haven't named them either - in the meantime, we have Mr Skinny, and Mr Red.  They only arrived yesterday, so its early days.
Here they are ~

Mr Red (approx 8 months old) he looks pretty healthy.

Mr Skinny, not so healthy (approx 18 months old) ~

He also has a swelling on his forehead. The previous owner thought it may be a snake bite, but I'm not so sure.  I'm going to show the image to the vets tomorrow.  Then they can decide what we need to do. Its so difficult not being able to touch them.

They have already eaten the grass in the pen -  Once they are halter broke, we can let them into the first paddock.  I hope the electric fencing will keep them in place.  The rest of the 7 acres isn't ready yet.

I bought a book called Zen Mind ~ Zen Horse by Allan J Hamilton.  I hope to God its going to help me through this journey....I'm freaking out left, right and center, but, I already love these two boys :)

Any advice, will be very much welcomed.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Oh My Gosh

It's been three years, and one day, since I opened my Etsy shop selling clothes, and now furniture, for funny little dolls.  Dolls I thought were hideous when I was first introduced to them.  Now I really love them.

This is Elly - my first Blythe doll, wearing one of the first outfits I created in 2011 ~ My friend Deb customized the doll, and I adore her.

Now I spend more time designing and creating furniture for dolls.  There are so many more talented people out there, I prefer their clothes to making my own.  Mine seem a bit naff these days, and I don't have the patience to learn new sewing techniques.

I did, however, learn how to freestyle quilt (at least, I think that is what it's called)  - it happened by accident really.  It wasn't something I had intended on doing.  You-tube is an exceedingly useful medium when learning to miter binding corners...I'm not sure I will ever have the patience, time, or technical ability to work on pieced quilts, so will leave that to the experts. 

I have also started to revisit open closets ~  They are fun to create.

I have also become a BOOTH renter in a local Antique/Gift Store.  I am so excited, and quite petrified at the same time.  I'm working on painted furniture for humans, lots of home decor, and gifts.  It's the perfect time of year to get going, since Christmas is fast approaching.  I will share some images in my next post....

Until then....