Sunday, March 3, 2013

Snow, Tilly & Doll Project

We got snowed in!  really snowed in... for an entire week! I have never lived anywhere with snow 4 ft high.  The novelty soon wore off mind.  The dogs were able to walk right over a 5 ft fence, so Jesse and I spent a morning shoveling snow.

The snow and ice inspired me to make a dress for Blythe ~

And a warm cashmere dress ~

I also received a darling antique jointed bisque doll from Regina @ Regina's Studio on Etsy
She has become quite a popular view on Flickr, since she was 'explored' 
I have named her Tilly
She is so adorable, and makes me smile whenever I look at her.

And talking of dolls, the lovely and talented Jessica from Doll Project interviewed me recently.. if you fancy a read hop over to Jessica's BLOG.  She really inspired me to consider creating an Art doll again.  I miss it, and must make time to focus.
This is Taylor, one of my favourite dolls I made ~

Now its a bit warmer, I'm going to make some more doll furniture.  And maybe a doll.......