Sunday, March 3, 2013

Snow, Tilly & Doll Project

We got snowed in!  really snowed in... for an entire week! I have never lived anywhere with snow 4 ft high.  The novelty soon wore off mind.  The dogs were able to walk right over a 5 ft fence, so Jesse and I spent a morning shoveling snow.

The snow and ice inspired me to make a dress for Blythe ~

And a warm cashmere dress ~

I also received a darling antique jointed bisque doll from Regina @ Regina's Studio on Etsy
She has become quite a popular view on Flickr, since she was 'explored' 
I have named her Tilly
She is so adorable, and makes me smile whenever I look at her.

And talking of dolls, the lovely and talented Jessica from Doll Project interviewed me recently.. if you fancy a read hop over to Jessica's BLOG.  She really inspired me to consider creating an Art doll again.  I miss it, and must make time to focus.
This is Taylor, one of my favourite dolls I made ~

Now its a bit warmer, I'm going to make some more doll furniture.  And maybe a doll.......


  1. Oh! stunning Dress! I love your dolls so I'm hoping to see one soon :-)))

  2. Lovely interview. I love, love, love your handmade clay dolls...beautifully detailed, unique, & oh so full of personality! I hope to one day own one of you clay happy to hear you may create another. Thank you for much beauty as always... ~H♥~

  3. I love your beautiul creations inspired by the snow, you've chosen the most beautiful blues and Tilley is adorable, what a wonderful find!!
    I'm going over to read the interview now, I love your art dolls, thay are beyond words amazing!! Hugs ♥ Vicky ♥

  4. Thank you Ada...
    I love your Blythe paintings

  5. We had about 5 hours of wind and snow yesterday Abi....but, only managed 7 inches. However, the yard looks better with it covering the mess the landscapers left when they began it too late... pipes sticking out of the ground... tree stumps.... piles of dirt etc...

    love your photos of the mounds of

    we used to have cats that loved to jump into and burrow under our deep snow when we had a foot or two many years ago ....when I had cats. They were such fun to play with out in the snow...never see cats anymore around here ...never mind anybody actually playing with them...they all just stay in their houses.... cats, and people....nobody goes outside to enjoy it or be entertaining.

  6. Tilly is such a sweet little doll, made me smile too! Your art doll is truly amazing, such detail and such petite features! I used to make a lot of tiny dolls clothes, stopped making them when l had children because l can't work with all the interruptions. I must admit though that all the wonderful inspiration l have found on wonderful blogs such as yours has made me long to get started again. All the best, Pam

  7. Tilly is a creepy sort of way! Hahahahaha!
    Yes! I wish you would create more dolls! but only if you want to. Your happiness is most important, but you are the best doll maker out there!
    My Birdie is my favorite of your creations! :D
    I read the interview and laughed out loud about what your business would look like if you had unlimited funds!
    YEP! that's one of the reasons that I adore you!
    xoxo - Cindi

  8. Thank you V. The landscaping business is not well suited to this time of year I guess! and yes, you are right, times are changing....hohum. Lets blame Facebook :)

  9. You are too sweet Cindi :) Your owrds made me smile, and makes me happy
    (go read Pam's post from Winkel's Crazy Ideas)

  10. That dress is beautiful just perfect for a snowy day

  11. Gorgeous as is all your creations, your fans really miss seeinng and buying your art dolls I'm sure, They are so special real heirloom work of fantasy and art. Keep snug and warm. Lindax

    1. Thank you so much Linda. I must come and visit.

  12. Glad the snow was inspiring! Hope you're doing well! I think you should make a doll soon,take care
    Dawn x

  13. Hi, I am your latest follower! :)
    I own one of your beautiful Pukifee cardigans, and I love your work so much! Glad I found your blog!
    Big hugs from Sweden,


  14. I would love to see you making dolls again but now I'm looking more at the Blythe dolls. At first I thought they were scary but you can do so much with them. And I love what you make for them. Now I can start saving my money for one of your original creations. Yay!


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