Tuesday, February 22, 2011

~ New dolls, new friends & when I was 18 ~

Shall start with the dolls....
This is a doll commissioned by a beauty of a woman.  Inspiration was taken from an outfit she is wearing on her very own website.  Thank you Brenda, such fun, & I finally got to use this fabulous fabric I've been saving for that 'right' doll!  :O)
My latest doll in my Bohemian collection ~ Henni.
She has her very own Ugg boots and Whimsy Pet.
I had a wonderful surprise today.. gifts made by my friend Natalie in Australia, who is so lovely and totally talented.  I am thrilled, & wish she would open up an Etsy shop, don't you agree?!
Thank you so much Natalie, you rock :O)
Now some reminiscing... 
A photo of friends & I (I'm the 18 year old in the middle!) We were all student nurses studying mental handicap, based at Aston Hall Hospital, Derby, UK in 1989. 
Aston Hall was home to people who had been removed from society due to their mental handicap status.  It wasn't the best way to support people who had disabilities, but that's the way it was in those days.  The hospital closed down several years ago, and all those who lived there, now live in mostly small, person centered homes, which I hope, accomodates their individuality, with dignity & respect.

This is a photo of the Mansion... the nurses home was just beyond it... oh what fun we had!!
During those student years, I spent much of my free time, painting the backdrop scenery for the pantomime/play we held twice a year.   I recently came across some photos of the now derelict hospital.  I'm thrilled people no longer live in such an institutionalised setting, but I was so sad to see these images...
This hall used to be beautiful, with huge arched windows and wooden parquet flooring. Now the stage, burnt and vandalised
The staff canteen/cafeteria...
A corridor in one of the houses...
The Bra shelf!
Key numbers and locations...
Unfortunately the hall, and surrounding buildings where residents lived, are being demolished, but fortunately, the Mansion was pleasingly converted into apartments.  One lucky person now owns the room we used to sit in for meetings, & exams!
(photo credits: Trousercowboy, murf2000uk)
Still awake? good, because there is just one more very important thing....
Please come and join us to raise much needed funds.  All you need to do is create an art piece which will be auctioned on line. Please go and see Rebecca to join in ~ she would love to hear from you.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

~ OWOH Winner.....

Ok, This was a bit more complicated than I thought!  I had to remove 2 comments, since one person wasn't entering, and one person had posted twice.  I had to add 2, because they couldn't post a comment!

Counting the first 7 is you Wendy, but since you did not enter, because I am already gifting you a doll, I went to the next person, who is.... SewHappyGeek......from England no less!!! 
Seriously? How bizzare!!

So... congratulations SewHappyGeek!  I hope you like :O)

Thank you to everyone for taking the time to visit - I have met some amazing people along the way. 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

** Fundraising Event & The Woodland Fairy Custom Doll **

** For One World One Heart event, click HERE **

My beautiful friend and articulation mentor, Rebecca of Recuerda Mi Corazon, has gracefully announced the dates for her Auction raising much needed funds for ~ Oaxacon Streetchildren Grassroots. This is a yearly ritual of Rebecca's, and an absolute must.

I am so excited to participate for my second year, and will  focus on the Mexican culture this time.  Rebecca is hoping to add to her list of participating artists, so if you would like to create a shrine, or piece of art work, or jewelry, which will be auctioned off online, then please go and see Rebecca here ~ Recuerda Mi Corazon ~
The actual auction will commence on 1st May, and end 7th May.
Please come and join us!
Her new owner has named her Emmentine... A woodland Fairy comissioned by the gorgeous Natalie from Australia, who loves Owls :O)

The owl mask was inspired by the paper-cut owl mask by Nikki Salk & Amy Flurry of  Paper-cut-project
If you are an owl lover, this is a lovely Blog ~ My Owl Barn

 Thank you Natalie, Emmentine was a delight to create with you!

And finally,  I just wanted to thank everyone for commenting on my blog posts, and giving me wonderful feedback.  I always like to reply personally, but I'm a little behind with the OWOH event comments!  I just wanted you to know, I'm not ignoring your precious words, and I will come & visit you soon :O)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

~ New Doll. New Toy ~

This doll is called Bo.

Inspiration came from a great website, called Polyvore I can't believe I have not stumbled across it before now! It's totally addictive. It's a bit like creating Etsy Treasuries and scrapbooking all in one! I absolutely need much more practice :O) If you are a shopoholic, I suggest you stay away. If you are an avid window shopper it's perfect!
Here is my first play...