Sunday, August 14, 2011

{New Dolls, Blythe, & a Brown Widow, not} oh, & an Etsy SALE!

Here are a couple of ornament art doll busts I made for the ADO mini monthly challenge ~ half & half ~
Harriet the Pig, & Evelyn the Cat
Harriet Pig & Evelyn Cat Ornament
My obsession for Blythe dolls is mounting.  I don't know why, I really didn't like them until recently.  I blame my friends Wendy & Deb.
I have just ordered my first Blythe, whom I intend to customize.  She will be my model for the clothes line I am going to create.  
Photo credit ~ Emily Grey

Boy, I sure could use a drink !
Best photographer of Blythe Dolls I've seen thus far.
We have an amazing Black Widow spider living under the eaves of the studio/sunroom (several in fact!) - I think they are beautiful ~
Southern Black Widow
I couldn't get a decent photo, unlike this one by Rivadock4
The other morning, I spotted a spider on the inside of the window, right where one Black Widow has her nest on the outside.  At first, I wondered why she had moved inside - closer inspection realised it wasn't her.  I got very excited because I thought it was a Brown widow... alas, it wasn't.  
I thought it was a Brown Widow at first, gutted it wasn't

Garden spider in the house

Garden spider in the house
Poor thing wasn't happy about being in a glass jar, so I found her a new home.  Outside.

To celebrate my excitement of my new shop (although it's empty right now!) I 'm having a little sale over at my ~ Etsy art doll shop


  1. Blythe, spiders...hmmmmmm...which one do I prefer?
    I have to confess that I like Blythes too . There is an artist 'whose name I have forgotten as I am rubbish with nnames) who customises them and the result is brilliant!

    As for spiders, they are fascinating but from a distance. I am not scared of them nor kill them but I have been bitten several times and the result wasn't very nice to see.

    Much love to you dear dolly /pet/spider friend!

  2. I,m delighted you are doing clothes-I said way back you should do it -what kind are you making adult -doll kiddies-I can't wait to see

  3. You're so wonderfully morbid and witchy Abi : ) The Blythe dolls are a little too creepy for me, they remind me of a doll that Steven King would make. I love scary things, like Vampires and Werewolves (not of the "Twilight" variety) so perhaps some more Halloween/Fall clothes?

  4. I have absolutely no idea how we did it, but I do know Deb and I are feverishly excited about your future dolly couture line! Anything you put your hand to Abi is full of style and grace!
    xoxo BuMcat

  5. Beautiful pictures of the spiders. We have them here too! Lovely. I have been bitten by recluses and black widows. They're only doing what they do. Hubby and I won't kill them though. We try and find a better spot for them too!
    When I had been bitten by a black widow under my right eye, it had swollen shut and my face was blackened on that side. A dear friend who was a mid-wife told me to cut a potato in half and put it on the bite.
    Wha Lah! Within a very short time, the starch had drawn all the poisons out and I was left without a scar. Crazy what you can learn.

  6. Lovely dolly ornaments, Abi!!!! I think they are so cute and whimsical. As for your clothing line, maybe try incorporating your name in some way? I must tell you that I freaked out about the rest of your post, as I am terrified of spiders! I had to shut my eyes until I got to the comment section! LOL I know, I am a chicken!

  7. I think those are immature black widow, with the brown markings. We had some spiders that were black-widow shaped but had clearly marked white hourglasses on their abdomen. Not red.They did seem to grow a lot of babies with those mottled abdomens. We haven't seem them for a few seasons, which is both a relief and a disappointment. The bathroom is full of brown recluse, however, so we must take consolation in that.

    Oh, and I love your beautiful dolls.

  8. Spiders fascinate me, too! That brown one is a gorgeous specimen!

    I think a Blthe doll would rise to new heights in your hands....everything you do is magic! :D

  9. Hi Abi! Love these two busts! Your dolls always look so perfect! I can only imagine the clothing the Blythe doll will have! I do not like all! I guess I can see thier beauty, as long as it is outside, and far away from me! lol same with snakes..eewww Your dolls..beautiful anywhere, anytime! xoxo Christel

  10. you are as industrious as spiders who spin impressive perfect webs all night.
    you amaze me in wondrous ways!

  11. I look forward to seeing your dolly costumes. Aren't the Black widow spiders poisonous? I wouldn't like one as a neighbour for sure lol!

  12. Is it for Blythe - the clothing line ?

    Abisynthe Couture

    is that too..... ?

    I don't know , first thing that came to mind !

    :) you asked

    Love Your Idea (run w/ it !) - Love your Doll Ornies - Love Spidey photos and info....


    ~ S.

  13. You have such a way with clothes for all the little beings you create, that it is a wondrous, natural progression for you to do some for all the Blythe lovers. Great idea, dear one. I hope you have all the luck in the world with them! How have you been? Things are settling down, here, a bit. Sending you love, Amy

  14. Blythe's are cute, but I am terrified to spiders :( Where is the new store??! Can't wait!

  15. Congrats on the new store...can't find! The Blythes are so cute! Relocating outside is a great place for spiders! ! !
    You are to be admired, most definitely and not only for your talent and skills as an artist, but also for your true love of animals. What lucky spiders! ! ! LOL!


  16. As you know I love your new creations. I must admit that I'm a bit afraid of spiders and can't look at them but for some reason, I find these to be beautiful.

    Oh I love Blythe too! I have only one at the moment and she has beautiful long pink hair. I have a beautiful picture book on Blythe dolls called "Blythe Style" photographs by Gina Garan. I think you will love the book!

    Wishing you a your pets a beautiful day,

  17. HI Abi...Love what you are doing now....I love these two new faces, Beautiful!......Been gone all summer...getting back in the groove...good to see all my doll friends again....

  18. two of my grandaughters have Blythe dolls and they ADORE them... the way they can change their eyes to diferent colour etc...the clothes and accessories are amazing ...
    the spider photographs are fabulous...i must admit i can appreciate them from afar or close up photography...dont like them up close or on my person....scardy cat me...he he!!!

  19. hi nice blog you have xxx

  20. Hello lovely gal! Sending you cool breezes and happy moments! Blessings.

  21. Did you know in my REALm everyone would have Abi Monroe dolls to call their friends! YaY! Hope you are well darling one. blessings.


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