Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hello! it's been a while :O)


My latest Art Doll ~ Fern and her frog Fred, who refuses to turn into a Prince :O(

When the time on the amazing Cigar Box Shrines already in the auction..... the auction officially commences on 17th through to 24th April. With a preview on the 16th April. I will post details of the auction website nearer the time.
One hundred percent of the funds generated in the upcoming auction will go directly to the project.

Having just returned from England, I still feel a little homesick :O(  My Grandma's funeral service was lovely, and I have lots of treasures to remind me of her life :O)
Spending time with my Mum & Dad was great, as was time with my sister (on the left), and my rapidly growing gorgeous neices (oh, and my brother-in-law of course! well, he isn't rapidly growing except for the grey hairs tee hee)

My beloved black cat died the day I returned form England, eek, I so miss him.

Onray returned from the vets yesterday.... he got bitten by a Rattlesnake AGAIN!

Bobby vanished for three days, has returned thank god, but she's never gone wandering, so I was freaked out for a while...

Well folks, I think that's about it for one day :O)


  1. I love your new doll and her frog prince, the face is amazing.
    So sorry, to hear about your cat, mine passed away on Easter, now I only have one and she has a heart problem, trying to carry on here, it is so hard to draw a pretty face when you are sad.
    your sad fairy friend

  2. I adore your dolls. This new doll is very very beautiful. She is so pretty in your green clothes. Every your doll have a lot of details- possible to look all over without stop.

    I am sympathize with you in your sorrow. I not imagine live without cat, and it's very difficult lose good friend.

  3. Sorry about your little woolly friend, I think our big fluff ball "Dave" is on his last legs right now :o(

    The doll is fantastic and the little frog is so cute... is she modelled after me by any chance? I'm forever kissing frogs and not a Prince among them!

  4. good morning dear abi!
    you are my featured artist today at recuerda mi corazon...

    thank you for gracing my pages and welcome home!


  5. I love your new doll! She is amazing, I especially love the concept of the "frog prince" that is super cute. I was looking for your givaway, but I couldnt find it on your blog, can you please let me know what it is? Whatever it is, Im sure its lovely! Thank you for entering me in it!

  6. I am sorry for your loss. I am glad you were able to go back to England to visit family. I know how hard it is to be so far away. Alaska seems like such a distance when you are clear in the middle pretty much of the US. It is sure a trek from KY.

    Sorry about your cat. :( I hope the other one feels better soon.

    I love your doll as I do your others. But this will have to be my favorite considering one of my favorite colors is green and I love frogs. :)

    I hope you have a great day!

  7. oh thankyou for reminding me, i forgot to do my post!!! it sounds like this past while has been an adventure & a heartfull effort...sending such loveliness today!!! {& i too love your new doll, especially the legwarmers & cardys!!! did i say that already in another comment...well its still true!!! :) thats my Mums name too, how lovely!!!)

  8. Your beautifull Fern, is fantastic.
    xo Dorthe

  9. Wow Abi you've been threw the "ringer".

    I'm so sorry about your beautiful black cat : ( Esp. after returning from your visit and funeral..

    I lost my most beloved (yes beloved) chicken on Easter Sunday... it broke my heart... and people say.. "It's only a chicken"... "Phttt..."

    Your doll is beautiful ~ I love everything you create!

    I definitely will go look at the cigar shrine boxes!!

    Blessings to you~Pattee

  10. I'm sorry your treasured pet passed on! but consider yourself hugged...major big hugz and am happy the rest are well...ooooo, especially the one who got the snakebite,!

    hugz, Pam

  11. Okay, so the original comment didn't take, but is went something like!
    Soooooo green, soooooo beautiful; your frog and his princess! I love your dolls! and want her!

    hugz, Pam

  12. Abi, I'm so sorry to hear about your kitty! So sad when we lose one of our fur babies.

    Love your new Fern and her frog doll, she's beautiful!



  13. Love your new doll - as usual! Your style is really shining through. Sory about your kitty. It's hard to lose a friend. Onray is so cool in that pic. So relaxed.

  14. Thank you for the great feedback guys :O)

  15. Awww .... what a shamozzle Abi..... I hope you can all get settled in again now that you're back..... sorry about your black guy ....

    I'm glad you had a good visit in England even if the occasion was not the most perfect reason to be back again ....

    love all your little ladies... poor Fred.... maybe a lucky kiss will finally be the key ..,,,,

    hugs, Vee


  16. Me encantan tus trabajos!!!!
    Pero sobre todo la cara de las muñecas, es una maravilla!!!
    Enhorabuena por tu trabajo.
    besitos ascension

  17. Your new doll is beautiful! I love the pet pics too :)

  18. I love Fern and Fred...those beautiful greens, just gorgeous!
    Very sad to hear about your black kitty...mine too passed away a month ago. Still have the one cat and Big Bunny and they are doing well.
    Blimey rattle snakes, I thought mice are a worry, that's pretty scary...poor would think the once was warning enough!
    Your cats must have missed you so much!
    I'm looking forward to catching up with family real soon. My nephew is getting married...yikes is he that old already!

    take care

  19. Commented your new doll on Cloth and Clay Dolls, I think you have a beautiful talent!
    Love the cat photo's too,but how sad you've lost one of them!
    Can imagine how you miss him!
    I'm a catlover too, got 3 of these little friends. :D

    well, think I'm going to step by here sometime again..maybe you'll like to visit my blog too? (

    greetz! Marijke


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