Monday, April 26, 2010


Beaver County Humane Society are hosting a fund raising event for their shelter, supporting over 4000 animals each year.
It's an online pet photo contest... all I did was pay $20 to submit a photo (Bazzil above), and now I get everyone I know on this planet to vote for Bazzil. The minimum vote is $5.

The top 2 contestants, based on the most votes, gets a cash prize and the photo will be turned into a set of note cards. (cash prize for runner-ups too!) If  I win, I mean if Bazzil wins, I will be giving the cash prize back to the animal shelter.
So, please please please go and vote for Bazzil. I want to win this!!!!

The website: click here

Out of my 10 cats and 6 dogs (soon to be 7!) I couldn't choose a good enough photo, so I chose Bazzil who is actually my sisters adorable dog!

If my calculations are correct (and anyone who knows me well, knows math is not my strong point!) we raised an amazing....... $3810.00 ~ for the Oaxacan Streetchildren Grassroots....

Well done to everyone who contributed an amazing shrine, and thanks for all the bids :O) Mine raised $225, so I was pleased. I am also going to be a proud owner of 2 wonderful shrines...
Thanks Rebecca, for organizing this event. It's been a pleasure getting to know you.


  1. Oh, Thank you so much!!! I am so thrilled that you entered! I will take a look to see if both of us have been approved yet!
    It's really going to a great cause and the prizes are great as well!
    Linda :)

  2. He is a beautiful dog!!!

    And I'm so happy you raised $$$ for the children of Mexico!

    I'm humbled...

  3. Great news about the Shrine fund raising, good on you :o) That doggie is so cute, he's waiting for someone, pinning through the window! I have zero balance on Paypal but will vote for him soon :o)

  4. Abi, he is beautiful - I will vote later on today for him.

    Congrats on the money raised during the shrine event. That is wonderful!



  5. Thanks Sue - I've discovered fund raising is blooming hard work, and somewhat frustrating! glad I don't do it for a living! I'd go nuts!!!

  6. you make beautiful art and do math too!
    very multi talented!
    thanks so much for your generosity. i am thrilled at our accomplishments.

    just wait until next year!!

    let's stay in touch,

  7. We have raccoons also but I have a cement floor in their coop And they only free range when I'm with them... of course in the day time..

    You'd love those fuzzy babies~
    : ) Pattee

  8. that dog is so adorable! you are so inspiring! and your artwork is just lovely! it's delightful to look through all of your amazing work. you are so incredibly talented. thank you so much for sharing!

    best wishes!



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