Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday WAS and IS dedicated to Mousey, BUT....

I received this email today from Paul - The Director President (oops) of  Rescue The Animals.  Although today was and is dedicated to my best friend Mouse (post below)  I wanted to pass this email and photo on to all you fantastic folk, who helped me raise money ~

"Thank you again for your tremendous donation. We spent a good chunk of the money yesterday treating 16 dogs for heartworms. They will stay in our heartworm wing at the clinic for about 6 weeks before they can be adopted.
With the local heartworm epidemic, we have been having trouble keeping up with the cost of the medications. The Brownwood Humane Society sent us a dog last week to treat because they could not afford to. His picture is attached. Your donors have saved his life along with many others.

Say Hi before you split for Oklahoma!
Thanks again,
Paul Washburn
Rescue the Animals, SPCA"

Thanks guys... you rock :O)

Also, than you to everyone who is leaving lovely comments about mousey.... I can't thank you enough :O)


  1. That is so wonderful Abi, seeing that little sweet face makes everything so worth it, doesn't it?
    And thank you so much for the lovely thank you card I received in the mail yesterday, I have it up on my bulletin board where I see it everyday...
    Tina xo

  2. That's so great to know that so many dogs were able to receive the Heartworm treatment and it's all because of you. It makes me so Happy to know that there are people like you in this world.
    Take care, you are in my thoughts and prayers!
    - Cindi

  3. What an up lifting post Abi,thats just wonderful news .
    You've really made a difference .
    julie xxx

  4. i love you abi...
    your kindness and generosity have spilled out into the hearts of so many...


  5. What a sweet face! Abi you have a big heart for animals and all living things - God Bless you!!xoxo Deena

  6. This is so great and well done to everyone for donating and mostly to you for organising it and giving up your wonderful dolls. x

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  8. What a nice picture, the dog seems to say "thanks"!!

  9. What a beautiful letter. I smiled when I read it. This truly makes your effort all the more worthwhile. You've helped make such a difference! Thank you for spearheading this effort (and I received the lovely ATC in the mail, thanks). Sending more hugs to you for Mousey. Theresa

  10. Hey my card in the mail on Friday.... it's beautiful...thanks.....

    Wow... you are seeing the fruits of your labours...and headaches... already in action. That's great! It SO makes things worthwhile doesn't it? got it...ticked off is exactly the same as pissed off. Damn dentists.... I worked for them for years...and they are still selling bread at the price of gold I used to tell them often. I was expecting just a checkup and cleaning...but, got a few surprises... mostly becuz the office I go to for cleanings has changed head honchos..... a new young gung ho guy thinks I need some grafts on the tissue to help hold some of my compromised teeth in position a bit better. Easy for him to say...and so easy for the receptionists to just reel off the numbers... which by the way are $3375.00 .... like it is nothing. I almost fainted..even though I was expecting a high amount. But, this.... forget it til next year at the earliest... idiots. Plus.... an old root canal is failing and that will be a decision.... re-do well as the crown on the tooth...or..... have it extracted.....arrrgghhhhh! I don't want to lose any of my teeth.... but, it is a chancy thing to re-do or try to find the reason it is failing in the first place.......sigh.... I know it is best to keep them after all my years in the dental field...but there comes a time when..... perhaps it is just too much money and too much effort to keep every single one.....

    so I'm thinking .... the definition of "a good start" would be about 600 dentists at the bottom of the ocean.....

  11. Thank you for sharing this Abi!
    Wonderful photo.

  12. Mousy is a Star, What great news. Lindax

  13. Thank you for sharing this wonderful photo. It was so worth it, doggies have angels too! Hope you're feeling better. Hugs!!!

  14. Hi Abi

    Today I received your card, thank you so much, it will get a special place on my desk. I make fantasyfigures for a long time but lately I'm making collages. Your dolls are inspiring. I have to put some older work on my web-site, Im renewing it.

    greetings and thanks again

  15. Abi, this post was so heartwarming - so wonderful to know that a good number of doggies were treated for heartworm.

    You are wonderful also for promoting this fund raiser. I can see Mouse
    panting and grinning widely in Heaven.



  16. Abi you should be very proud of yourself, see what one individual can accomplish, can you imagine what it could be like if there were more people like you?
    May the good lord always bless and keep you safe and sound.


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