Saturday, July 3, 2010

My HAIKU & ART DOLL GIVEAWAY with a twist :O)

My beautiful friend Rebecca, over at Recerda Mi Corazon has began a 'Haiku my heart' feature. This is my (somewhat poor) attempt!!

Buy a card from Abi
To raise money for rescued
Animals today......

and here is how...

Every purchase of an ACEO (Art Card Editions & Originals) as shown above, will have a unique number.  Every ACEO purchased will give you the opportunity to be given one of the above two dolls and their carousel horses.

The cost of the ACEO is $2.00

The more you purchase, the greater chance you have of having the 'giveaway' number!!!!

You can buy AECO's here: ETSY
or here: EBAY
or there is a button top right of my blog!

If you purchase more than one, I will send only one, with all the additional numbers on, unless you request otherwise.

The giveaway will be finalized on 10th July, however, if Rescue The Animals are able to identify the number, the date may need to change (TBC)  They have a Dachshund Race that day!

100% of the money raised will be going to Rescue The Animals of Abilene.

I am paying for the listing fees, paypal fees, postage, and of course, I handmade the dolls, and 'altered arted' the horses!!!

Amethyst & Good Fortune

Azure & Harmony 

Please see previous posts for more images.....

 (kitty cat image courtesy of Sharon Montrose..Thank you)


  1. you are here!
    supporting the animals you love so dearly...


    now ask everyone who reads your blog to post and face book about this project so close to many hearts.

    let's begin!

  2. I love your dolls so much I can hardly stand it! Of course I am going to check out the cards right now! Thank you so much for letting me know Abi!

    Linda :)

  3. I have a question, Are there 5 cards or just the 1? Let me know so I can purchase. And are they 1 or 2 dollars each? I'm confused.
    What a great cause btw!
    Linda :)

  4. Thanks Linda.. I sent you a message.

    It's one card for $2, with a two doll giveaway.

  5. Hey this is so great, I'll get over to your shop today!
    Thanks for the sweet comments on my photos, I would like to take pictures as well as your beautiful photo work, hopefully this table will help, I'm still learning EKKKEKKK
    Have a great weekend stay safe

  6. I buying cards and cards in hopes that I many win one of your fabulous dolls BUT ALSO to support this great cause Abi... I wish there were so many more of you!!!


  7. Thanks for your reply! I get it now. There is one card and you can buy as many as you want of the same card. Right? I just saw there were 5 picks and thought there were 5 cards.
    Oh how I love to buy things for charity for animals!
    Also thanks for the opportunity to win one of your dolls. I just adore them!
    Linda :)

  8. I like the way you have used the Haiku! I am going to buy another ticket as I am so impressed! Love the picture of the little kitten and feather too!

  9. wow. what beautiful dolls and a nice give away. i will go check them out. you have beautiful blog! Awesome dolls!

  10. Hi Abi
    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your lovely comments! I love animals so I purchased 5 tickets and hope you raise a lot of money for the animal shelter!

  11. Must go back to Etsy and purchase a couple more of these tickets.

    Good luck with this Abi, it is a great cause.



  12. Hi Abi - I just stumbled across your blog via another blog (funny how that all works) and I a think your work is absolutely stunning!

  13. Hi Abi :) What a wonderful thing your doing! I hope to do the same for one here, hopefully soon! You're giveaway dolls are of course gorgeous, I'd be honored to own one of your creations, count me in please! I just purchased a couple, so either way I guess I win ;)


  14. Just found your blog through Sue, what a treat, your dolls are beautiful !
    This is a wonderful way to support this cause, cant wait to recieve my cards :0)
    julie xxx


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