Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Our Wedding Anniversary!

It's our 4th today!  Jesse is soooo patient with me... here I am blogging, and making ACEO's for the fundraising event!  tut tut.  We will be going out to celebrate tomorrow though :O)

Giveaway update.....

Paul the Director of Rescue The Animals, is gong to pull two numbers out from a cowboy hat on Monday 12th July.  I am sorry for the delay, which I was expecting...but I hope you don't mind too much.  I will take my camera to take some shots of the event!! 
I will post the results on my blog that evening, and let you know the grand total we raised :O)

There is still time to buy a  $2 ACEO if you would like to contribute to the funds (will end Sunday 9pm CT)...all money raised is going to Abilene's 'Rescue The Animals'
I will send an ACEO, and also email you the numbers  (the cards won't reach you by the draw date)

If you would like the chance to win one of these two dolls and their carousel horses, you can buy cards
Here: ETSY
Here: EBAY or,
the button top right of my blog.



For more images, please see previous posts.

Thanks everyone... couldn't do this without you guys :O)


  1. Happy Anniversary! Your dolls are soooo cute and the cause is a good one. I hope you raise a lot of money for the animals. Good luck.

  2. Happy Anniversary! :) Hope ya'll have a great time tomorrow night!

  3. Happy Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful picture!

  4. Happy Anniversary!

  5. Happy Anniversary!!! Wow what an absolutely stunning photo of you two!!!

    A cowboy hat I love it.... coming from Montana... I love those cowboy hats! I hope you raised oodles of $$$!

    Have a great day tomorrow~ : )

  6. Happy anniversary! You are the second person I know with an anniversary on this day. I hope you have fun tomorrow evening. I am SO happy to hear that the fundraiser is going well. :) This is wonderful news to hear! Theresa

  7. Happy Anniversary!
    I love that photo, so romantic!
    Sounds like you got a good one there!
    I hope you get a great response to this fundraiser! Bless you for doing this!
    And I hope you have a fun celebration tomorrow!
    Take care - Cindi

  8. Happy anniversary! I too am celebrating my 4th wedding anniversary in 2 days! What are the odds? Have a great weekend!

  9. Happy Anniversary Abi! What a lovely photo of you and your man! Hoping you two had a beautiful night out.


  10. Abi, a very Happy Anniversary to you and hubby! The pic of you two is stunning.

    Thanks for sending me the numbers - keeping my fingers crossed.



  11. Please, stop working and go celebrate your anniversary! :)
    Lovely picture, I hope you´ll have endless years of happiness.

  12. Happy Anniversary Abi!!

  13. Abi,-happy anniversary, wish you a happy day, today and tomorrow.
    Love your Amethyst- well love them both, they are gorgeus,dear.
    Hugs Dorthe

  14. Happy anniversay to you both Abi. What a special photo.

  15. Happy Anniversary Abi and don't you look gorgeous!
    As an aside, my son's name is Jesse! Great name! Have a wonderful day.
    Tina xo

  16. Abi I had meant to ask you sooner and as usual life got away from me again (come back here you !?>!?
    Anyway do you mind if I mention your fund-raising event on my blog?
    Tina xo

  17. Happy Anniversary, Abi! May it be just one of many ones to come!

    That is a beautiful picture that you posted....

  18. That should have read "one of many mire happy ones to come." Coffee hasn't kicked in yet!

  19. Abi, congrats on your anniversary. Am sending you lots of hugs and good cheer. That photo is just amazing!!


  20. Happy Anniversary! The photo is lovely!

    What a great idea for sharing with the animals. Our cats are adopted strays, and most of our dogs in the past have been strays. And entirely, everlastingly lovable...

  21. Happy Anniversary!!! What a lovely photo.

  22. Happy Day to you and Jesse, Abi!!

    I hope you sold lots of chances to win the little girls and their carousel ponies...

  23. Happy Anniversary, Abi and Jesse!

  24. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO YOU BOTH.....I hope that you enjoy many many more (i have number 43 coming up this september)you looked beautiful in your wedding dress.... loving the photography daughter is a photographer..check out her website
    she does very edgy stuff... i think you will like it too.

  25. Abi, congrats on the 4th Anniversary. Your wedding photo is absolutely beautiful!

  26. Hi pretty!!! i am so looking forward to the giveaway, but im in the middle of moving & havent had the internet...i'll try & get to the bank & put some money on my card because right now even a couple of dollars is nowhere to be found...i wish banks were open afters hours :) loveliest thoughts!!!

  27. THank you so much to everyone! I can't tell you how much I appreciate you for supporting my fundraising, and giving lovely comments :O)


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