Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mad Tea Party & Art Doll Giveaways......

Meet Amethyst
and her friend

Best friends.

Meet their magical carousel horses, Harmony, and Good Fortune.

They flew to Tuscany

 When they landed, Jenkins the orange cat with no tail, whom always gets in on photos shoots, told them of a Fanciful Twist's Mad Tea Party.

It became a tad dark by the time they found their way

so they parked the horses

and found the tea cup, and tea pot,
but no mad tea party was to be seen

so, they took a leisurely rest.....

Want the chance to win one of these dolls and their carousel horses?
$2.00 per ticket (thats $1 per doll!)
All money raised will be going to my local 'Rescue The Animal's (SPCA ~ Abilene)
10th July an online random number generator will decide the winners.

You can purchase tickets here ~ ETSY SHOP
or here ~ EBAY
or, you can go to the top right of my blog, and buy direct! 

Of course, the more you buy, the more chances you have of being a winner!!!
If you can't acess Etsy or Ebay, email me
Please help me raise much needed funds for animals.
Cheers everyone :O)

Azure, Amethyst, the horses and I would be really grateful if you would blog about my event :O)

And, now you have bought lots of tickets :O) go and visit all the other mad tea party goers!


  1. I loved your dolls. You have a magical eye for beauty. What a good cause. I hope you do well.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hi, just went to buy a ticket at etsy and when you get to Commit To Buy, I press the button and it just brings me back to your page repeatedly rather than taking me to Paypal to pay?

  3. Beautiful dolls! I enjoyed your Mad Tea Party!


  4. Thank you for allowing me to share in the adventures of these two lovely ladies, and their very pretty ponies. I loved the shot of them taking a little rest with their tea.
    Please come and visit me in the Secret Enchanted Forest for some more Mad Tea at:


  5. dear one,

    of course you can count on me to blog about your most generous and loving heart.

    here's to a hugely successful opportunity to care for our animal friends.

    your dolls are lovely, as are YOU!
    thanks for the spot of tea!


  6. ~*~*~*Hip hip hurray it's Tea Party Day!*~*~*~

    Goodness, what beautiful guests to have at a tea party! Good luck with your fundraiser!!!

    Thanks for having me at your tea party! if you haven't been already, you're cordially invited to my mad tea party! Have yourself a mad sort of day! :)

  7. Absolutely fabulous! I will stop at your Etsy for a ticket or two...maybe more?


  8. amazing story! your dolls are fantastic!

  9. I cannot buy tickets, but I can admire your fantastic work :)

  10. Beautiful dolls!!
    I really enjoyed your party.
    Happy Tea Party Day to you!!

  11. They are completely wonderful, Abi! I´m going to buy some tickets right now! :)

  12. They are truly stunning! and what a 'mad' way to raise for a good cause! brilliant!

  13. Thanks everyone! I have sorted the 'shipping to everywhere' button on Etsy!!!

  14. gorgeous dolls, lovely party :)

  15. Very wonderful and noble idea! And beautiful dolls as well! :)

  16. Hi Abi! Thanks for coming to our party and for the nice words.Your tea party is very nice and the dolls are amazing!Good luck with the money raising!We also provide food and money for our local dog shelter.It a good cause.Keep doing it!

  17. Lovely dolls and carousel horses! I have a weak spot for those - you can see a carousel horse from Paris in my post...

    ♥ Alice Maria-Thérèse Afiori in Swedish Wonderland

  18. Lovely dolls! Wish you the best in raising money and awareness!

  19. Hi Abi,
    Thanks for making that change on Etsy, it worked now for me! Beautiful dolls, as always, and lovely idea for charity! Enjoy your mad tea day!

  20. What lovely dolls you create. Your two friends reminded my of my best friend and myself. And I am very happy to see what you are using the money for. I'm off to visit the rest of your blog.

    It's nice to "meet" you!! Thanks for inviting me!


  21. What a great cause!!

    Won't you join us for tea just click
    Mad Tea Party - Fairy Tale

  22. hi,i visited your blog and loved your creations.very nice.come visit my blog (

  23. Gorgeous photos, those dolls and horses are so pretty! And a great cause too! :) ~Lauren

  24. That's a great event Abi! I want your doll, and I want to help the animals!
    I'm going to check for those tickets right now :)

  25. What lovely dolls! You are a talent.

    Follow your heart and join me as we go to the Forest of Wishes. I have party gifts waiting for everyone!

    {{soul hugs}}
    Kathryn, Collage Diva

  26. Abi these are AMAZING! Love each and every one!

  27. Love the dolls and the journey to the Tea Party. Also love your idea for raising money Abi!! Such a good cause!
    Off to visit more of the parties!

  28. We bought a ticket to help those poor animals and hope to get one of your beautiful dolls!!!

  29. Hi sweets,
    The dolls are gorgeous!!!
    I bought 5 tickets and shared this post on my facebook.
    I hope many people will buy tickets.

  30. They are beautiful, but then all your work is so super! How long do we have to get tickets Abi? Could you let me know, I would love to have a chance to win one of those girls, and you know how I feel about animals, thanks!
    Tina xo

  31. You are doing such a wonderful thing! Those dolls are beautiful.

    Happy Tea Partying...


    Sheila :-)

  32. they are really gorgeous, and i love the little horses, it reminided me a bit of a scene ine the Mary Poppin's film! lovely!

  33. What sweet dolls. Lovely Mad Tea party, and so nice to meet you.

  34. Such beautiful dolls on a captivating party! If you have not made your way already, I do hope that you shall come and visit with me, as you join the White Queen and Mad Hatter for some cake ~ and tea

  35. Ooh, such sweet little dolls and their carousel horses...lovely x

  36. OMGoodness! Your dolls are magnificent! WOW.

    **blows kisses** Deb

  37. What adorable dolls. They are just incredible. Please stop by and see me for tea if you get a chance. Maybe I can lure you with my giveaway!


  38. I enjoyed your party. Harmony and Good Fortune are lovely horses. Jenkins the cat stole the show.

  39. Sweet dolls with such magical faces!

  40. Abi I love the art dolls!!! What a great party they had.

    Come on over to my blog to see my party...


  41. Oh my gosh! Your dolls are beautiful! And the horses... I am swooning.

    I think it's magnificent that you're doing the auction for animals. I will be buying tickets on payday! What a wonderful person you are (I saw that you've rescued 8 dogs, so you really are wonderful).

  42. What great fun! Thank you for having me over for tea!

  43. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  44. Abi,
    I loved the story you have had us become part of. The dolls are beautiful and I hope I win, I purchased some tickets through EBAY! What a wonderful charity. Please come visit my tea party when you get a chance, at

  45. Stumbled across your blog while bloghopping the tea parties.
    The dolls are beautiful and the cause is important, so I went off to ebay and bought me some tickets.
    7, in fack, as I never win anything and needed to better my chanses :)
    Keep ut the good work!

  46. Very beautiful dolls:))


  47. Beautiful dolls Abi, I love their hair! A lovely story.
    Good luck with the fundraiser, I'll pop over there later.

  48. Beautiful! Your dolls are gorgeous- I love the tea party. :)

  49. Gorgeous! Loved tea with you this morning! Blessings dear.

  50. Your dolls are beautiful! I enjoyed visiting your party. Thank you for inviting me. Have a nice Sunday! Twyla

  51. Beautiful dolls and a lovely tale with a great cause too! I am off to buy my tickets now!

  52. cudowne panie :) i cudowne zdjęcia :)

    I loved your dolls

  53. Beautiful dolls and horses!

  54. Your dolls are beautiful, and I loved the story. The cats expression was hilarious :)

  55. Great!! Cross my fingers ;)

  56. Abi You won my doodles for the June giveaway!!!!!

    Please send me your address to my email

  57. Your dolls are lovely. I hope they raise a ton of money for your animals.

  58. What beautiful dolls! :)

    ~ Carolee

  59. Loved the tea party....thanks for inviting me!

  60. I absolutely love your dolls. They are quite lovely, and I was so into their adventure, I was sure I could see the expressions changing on their faces. Thank you and please feel free to stop by my Party for a cup of tea and a SPOOOOONFUL of Madness..
    Have a Wonderfully Mad and Curious Day... Wendy from Wonderland

  61. Ok. I got my tickets. What a great cause. Thank you

  62. Abi,
    Thanks for stopping by! You know what they say, Better late than never !! I just stopped by your party as well... Your art dolls are SO BEAUTIFUL! And your giveaway , is for such a great cause ! The picture that your cat got in on made me laugh so hard , he looks like he's talking to your dolls !! LMAO! so cute... well thanks for having me, what a lovely tea party :-D Thanks again for stopping by , the Hatter and I really hope you stop by again soon !
    La Boheme Magique

  63. Hay ABi

    Thanks for popping over to my tea party. This is a really cool idea and a great time to do it. I absolutely adore you dolls so you know where I am going as soon as I leave this post... plus I must help out the little angels!

    I'll be back soon my friend to see whats up with you and your little masterpieces! Have a great week.

  64. Beutiful blog, and wonderful dolls.

  65. This is great! I love the way you tell a story with your dolls and the backgrounds. Did you make the horses as well? Most impressive! I
    m on my way to but a ticket now =)

  66. Oh! Abi, I love these dolls and their magical carousel horses. Such a great cause, I will buy some tickets today.

    Thank you for visiting my Tea Party!!!

    Have a lovely day!

  67. Dear Abi- I'm a Fan!
    Going to buy a ticket.
    I want to win one of your little beauties.

  68. What gorgeous dolls! So sad that they couldn't find the tea party. Wishing you luck with your cause.

  69. Abi you have done some gorgeous dolls on this blog. Love those horses and for a worthy cause woman and animal lover here

  70. Abi, what a gift you have ! your so blessed! I love this pair and your photos are AMAZING! HUGS

  71. Love your dolls and your heart!

  72. Abi... Look at all these posts! You and your work are adored by us all! Thank you for stopping by at Woodstown Whimsies! Daryle

  73. Such beautiful dolls and such a clever idea for a fundraiser. Best of luck!
    I am hosting a Mad Mad giveaway on my blog I do hope you will have a chance to stop by!
    Enjoy the day!

  74. Abi this is a wonderful cause and fantastic opportunity for someone to win one of your gorgeous dolls!!! I already got my tickets!!!

  75. Whew! I fell down the rabbit hole at the last party and it’s taken me days to find my way out. What a lovely gathering! Thanks so much for having me! (And for not mentioning those crumbs on my dress).

    And oh my GOODNESS are your art dolls amazing! My mouth was literally hanging open in a very unladylike fashion.


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