Friday, June 11, 2010


Since we are about to move to Oklahoma, thought this little chap should be called Texas!(above)
and this little one is called
Mulberry, she had glued up eyes, but a trip to the vets helped her out :O)

Stella, loves to 'mother' them....

Badger is growing.... she has one floppy ear and one straight up!

These are a few doll pics... more are on my flickr page...
and I've started listing dolls in my Etsy shop
Sheila's doll.. a commission

Isabella Blue



Jewelry Box

Orange Blossom


Ooh, whilst I was taking photos of some dolls... UPS delivered this...
Can't wait to try it out... I love my skin when it's tanned, but I've decided, as we all know, the sun is bad, very bad.  So here is to some fake stuff... cheers! 

And, my sister sent me these, which I also received today... FIBERS yeah I'm in heaven!

My favourite....

Ok, I think this post is more than long enough.  But I am getting plenty of photography and eye candy practice!
Hope everyone has a lovely weekend :O)


  1. These are wonderful! I love the critters and I especially love the red headed beauty, Orange Blossom! She is gorgeous! Is she for sale??

    Better to use something natural than those tanning booths - spoken as a melanoma survivor for 19 years! Yay! Pasty white is quite chic!


  2. Such sweet babies...I'm hoping to get some kittens this Fall to add to our ever growing menagerie. And let us know how the tanner works, I'm so fair skinned that I blister if I think to hard about tanning!

  3. Hi Delphyne... congrats on the melanoma survivor... confirmed my growing fear of the sun!
    Yep, all the dolls will be going in my Etsy shop... shortly!

  4. Hi, Abi! I would love to know about purchasing Orange Blossom. I couldn't find anything on your site - but, I must admit that I've had a few glasses of Sauvignon Blanc! Forgive me...

    I'll check Etsy in a bit - but, if there is another link for Orange Blossom, would you let me know?


  5. sweet...all your dolls and fur babies.

    love seeing you master that camera too.


  6. Francesca jest piękna. Wszystkie są piękne, ale Francesca wyjątkowo mi się spodobała :-)

    Ciepło pozdrawiam Abi :-)

  7. Norty Abi, posting kitten and puppy pictures when I am very pet broody :)
    I have a couple of new babies to show off, as soon as I can get them to stand still!
    The dolls are gorgeous, You are such an inspiration :)

  8. There is just too much furry cuteness in your house presently, please send the kitties and puppies to me! Lovely dolls, you've been so busy!

    Is that your living room? Wow, I can't believe you are going to move and leave that behind!!!

    Yve :o)

  9. Wow! How many wonderful photos, Abi! I see that you are the ultimate camera queen!
    The kittens are too cute to be true. And the dogs, and of course the dolls, they are all wonderful!

  10. love the kitties, that is what I need to do, adopt some babies, looks like you have a summer plan, fab dolls
    and being white is ok, I live in Florida LOL

  11. Oh my the dolls are gorgeous but I have to admit you had me with the critter pics, I could just die looking at those little furry faces, thanks for the happy boost this morning.
    Tina xo

  12. Ooooooooooh got to pop to your ETSY right now!

  13. Abi, I think these are the most delightful images of animals I have seen - ever! I can almost feel the fluffy softness of your kitties. You are such a talented photographer.

    Your new dolls are wonderful and I like the name Francesca for the orange blossom one that was unnamed yesterday. Very pretty.

    Is that your house? Gorgeous!



  14. O My I just loved reading and looking at the wonderful photos! I love the animals!!! I wish I could find another kitten for my cat...

    I just love all your dolls and you did name her Francesca! That name fits her!

    WOW your moving to Oklahoma? What ever for if I may ask...

    I'm really interested in how the tanning goes... skin cancer runs on both sides of my families... so I'd love a "fake" tan~: )

    Have a good rest of your week-end!
    Hugs ~Pattee

  15. Well Abi I'm sorry the tanning didn't work on your skin... I'm very pale so maybe it would work on me (all though I wish I had dark Mediterranean skin ~ another life maybe lol) I'll buy it from you if you'd like~

    Thank you~

  16. Oh I love your photos! :)And that picture of your fibers is eye candy! Where does your sister get them from? Oh can't wait to check out your Etsy page. :)

  17. Oh I just caught that sentence that you are moving to OK? My husband was born there.:)

  18. Wonderful photos's Abi! I want to cuddle your pets! SOOOO cute! You're moving? I had no idea, mind you I've been sort of out of it since my new job. I really need to get online more!

  19. Oh my god, the adorable and cuddly creatures, I want to eat them!The kittens were so cute, and it was your dolls also, incredibly beautiful! Mari.

  20. Abi, I know I haven't been terribly vigilant in reading other blogs, letting alone writing one, but why, oh why are you leaving the beautiful Hill Country for OK??? Not that I have anything against OK, but the Hill Country!!!

    As for you adorable animals, love 'um!! And as usual, the dolls...always lovely.


  21. Sweet pets:) Beautiful dolls, I love your dolls !

  22. What lovely fur babies. You are blessed.

  23. Oh your little pets are so adorable!!

    And your dolls are just so pretty, amazing work really!

  24. I love your menagerie. If only there was a guarantee that kitties stayed that size. I'm more of a pooch person myself.

    Your dollies are wonderful. I just love the expressions on their faces and your fibers are so luscious. Can't wait to see what you do with them.


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