Sunday, May 17, 2009

There's always a first...

And this is my first post! I'm in the process of setting up an Etsy shop, figuring out this blog, joining groups, and creating cloth Art Dolls. I'm having fun, but spending way too much time looking at everyone elses blogs and websites and art work! I'm adding my favourite sites, which to me, is the best bit! There are so many talented folks out there, and it enables me to daydream that little bit more.....
I'm a novice in the world of Art Dolls, and became inspired by two books I found by the author, doll artist, designer and teacher - Patti Medaris Culea! I was actually looking for books on how to make curtains (curtain making didn't get very far!) Well they say you always find the things you're not looking for. Following a couple of weeks of trial and error, I finally created Willow, the
'Angel of Knowledge'. My mum thinks she looks like her, if she does, it was a totally sub-conscious move. I guess there is a similarity...
I sent some photos to Patti, who gave me some unexpected wonderful feedback. Not only did she (without knowing) inspire me to create a doll, she gave me the enthusiasm to make more!
So, here is Penny... the 'Angel of Good Fortune' she carries an English 5 pound note and an old money bag, holding English coins from 1 penny to 1 pound!
I wondered if I could create a doll that had characteristics of me... I've made legs, that's as far as I've got..........


  1. The costuming on these is wonderful! I love the little shoes and the stripey tights! Awesome. :]

  2. They look fantastic. Much better than my first dolls ever were!

  3. Abi,

    Your dolls are lovely...and you're a beginner...I'm impressed!! Where in TX are you now, I'm in El Paso, the redheaded freckled face stepchild of TX! Have my older children living in Austin and Dallas.

    Again, welcome to the world of doll making and blogging. I think your dolls are going to be big winners!!


  4. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments!

  5. Hi! Wonderful to meet another doll artist. I REALLY love your style. The sweaters and wire wings are such a cool touch, really different! Your sense of color and texture is very pleasing. I look forward to seeing more!
    From a member of EGADS and ADO.

  6. You really have found your talent with doll making. I love all the great touches. Your interpretation of the wings is truly something that is all your own. Love the work.

  7. Lovely dolls! Welcome to the world of blogging. It's always fun to find another cloth doll artist so I'll definitely be back!

  8. Abi, your dolls are wonderful!!! I love them:)
    I think you found your nitch;)


  9. Hi Abi, nice to have you visit my blog and meet up at ADO!
    I can't believe your a beginner!!
    Looking forward to seeing more of your work.


  10. Hi,
    I love Willow! If she is your first doll I can't wait to see more. Patti Culea is wonderful. She inspired me as well. I walked into a local quilt shop and saw her book and thought "Oh I want to make a doll too". Ever since then I have been hooked. Great work!

  11. You should check out (I hope I got this address right)
    Your blog is mentioned on it. In a good way!

  12. Thanks connie - I went to have a look - I had no idea Willow got onto their page!! How sweet!

  13. Hey Abi thats really great!( being featured as a new doll artist!) You'll have to keep an eye on that Willow.....see where else she ends up!xx

  14. Hi Abi..... finally found your blog.....

    Willow is great... love the idea of her looking almost studious ..with her specs and all....


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