Saturday, May 30, 2009


Is finished! For some reason, I had lots of difficulties with her, more so than Willow who was the first! Very odd...
More photos are uploaded on Flickr. She is designed to resemble me, and she is holding and wearing some of the things I love:
My Ugg boots!
Wooden heart
Jewelry - especially pendent with birds on
Poloneck/turtleneck jumper and woolly tights!!! The A is obviously my initial. Other things include a nose stud, sticky out ears! lil mole and long dark hair. I've always wanted big boobs and long legs, so here they are!!! :O)
Oh and finally, green and brown are my favorite colors! I would have liked to add a dog, but until I learn to needle felt, that will have to wait!


  1. she is gorgeous you add so mush detail to your dolls . How small are the cat and teddy bear ?

  2. Thank you Rafael!...let me find a ruler... The cat is 7inches tall, and the bear is 2.5 inches high!

  3. Absolutely Fabulous once again Abi! It is difficult to judge the scale of her....she looks way smaller than she must be! Love all the accessories and yes.. she is just like you!! xxxxx

  4. Hey Kaz - thanks! shes 20 inches tall!

  5. I think you did a very good job! She looks a lot like you. Great detail ..will you add a dog later?

  6. Thank you Connie - once I learn to needle felt I'll probably add a dog. :O)

  7. Abi,

    It's friends we are on CDA! I hope to see many more of your dolls there. I'm kinda like you, I've been spending way too much time on line and not enough actually creating. But I'm glad for the on line time since it inspires me so much.

  8. Abi, I think she is wonderful! The detail and her costume are just perfect (love her Uggs!)

  9. She's so perfect Abi!
    Nice to see you this way hahahhaha.
    And those Uggs are so gorgeous.

  10. Abi! She's beautiful!!! I love all of the detail that you have on her...and how cool that she resembles you too!! I'd be honored for you to feature my fairy artwork...thank you for stopping by to see me! xxoo, Dawn

  11. I love this! Dolls with accessories have always intrigued me. Maybe it's the little girl in me that just wants to play them all. =)
    What a wonderful idea to make a doll version of yourself and your favorite things!


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