Friday, September 3, 2010

World Art Doll, Texas & TDP Ruby

This doll was made for the Art Dolls Only Tarot Card challenge.  I chose World ~ which has some interesting links to where I'm at in life right now (coincidently, or not?)  or, perhaps World chose me - whilst packing up the house for our upcoming move, I found a couple of globes from a previous challenge... I wondered if there was a tarot card with connections to it - and voila... The World Tarot Card.

She is in my Etsy Shop

Texas ~ is always straight in front of the camera - I had to remove him several times so I could get on with taking photos!

He is growing so much! I love him :O)

****Traveling Doll Project has come to an end***
My very first clay doll has been around the world for 6 months, and worked on by 5 amazing artists ~ Cindee, Paula, Sally, Lisa and Nancy.

I must say, the girls did a wonderful job, but what an awful doll she was to start with ~OMG  I am so embarrassed, an alien with the most awful hands and limbs!!  It's nice to see how I have sort of progressed in 6 months though!

Ruby's accompanying journal was a great read.
To see the entire TDP challenge visit here

It was such a fun experience ~ Thanks guys :O)


  1. All beautiful-Texas is so lovely and your doll is too. Your photos look so professional-I have such trouble phtographing my dolls-I enjoy it but find it hard!

  2. Wonderful doll!! Love her ribbons and clothes!
    And your cat Texas is so lovely ;)

  3. Your kitty is so cute, and should be in front of the camera LOL
    the doll is lovely and thanks for the Hive connection still trying to figure it all out
    have a fabulous weekend

  4. Abi, your new doll is beautiful. I LOVE your creations!

    Your little kitty is also beautiful - what a photogenic little gal!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  5. HI Abi: I love both of these dolls even though you feel your first one was an Alien! Hahahaha... They are both very pretty and as always I look forward to what is yet to come! Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Wow all these images are so beautiful.
    I love your "World" doll : ) She's got a smoldering look about her.

    Texas is such a beautiful cat!!! Look at those ears!

    I love your traveling art doll she's home : )

  7. Once again! Stunning!

    Oh! I love your Texas!

  8. Hi Abby! Your dolls are amazing. How strange that I also went to Texas from England and married an Air Force man. Small world....

  9. Hahaha, Texas is so cute!
    I have to say that your doll is wonderful!!! And the alien one to! :)
    Have a great weekend!

  10. so much to share here...your growth, travels,up coming move...

    i must say the eyes of "texas" have stolen the spotlight!
    could those eyes be any more compelling???

    sending you love abi. and J O Y!


  11. wow.... she ended up with a great outfit.... snazzy hair and even accessories.... must look at the other pics...and the journal looks stuffed..... what fun it all must have been...although, a lot of work too I think....

  12. Love, love, love your dolls! :)They have so much personality in them that I am just waiting for them to just start talking. LOL! I know all about packing for a move. Good luck.

  13. I think I'm in love with Candy! She is definitely going on my Yule list!

  14. Another stunning doll! Congrats that she has sold - and so has Pumpkin! It's easy to understand why they do not last in your shop for long. :) Texas is quite the beauty - what a little ham for the camera. :) Hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend! Theresa

  15. AH, Ruby made it home in one piece yay! I love your kitty! What a sweetie! I love what you've done with the new doll. Her glance is kind of steamy and full of mystery!

  16. Your doll from the TDP is great! And your Tarot doll is too. She looks a little angry though. Probably because the World isn't being treated right by us people. I wanted to mention that I pre-ordered this one special book and I think it's close to shipping time. Or is that November? I can't remember....anyway I'm looking forward to getting it!


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