Monday, September 20, 2010

~ New doll ~ The Nutcracker Ballerina ~

The first doll of two ~ this one is from the Ballet production of The Nutcracker.

~New Etsy Treasury ~
Adjective: Presented or expressed in a subtle and effective way.  That's Etsy Project Embrace.

Guess what? ~ we are finally moving home! ~

~ will be offline for a couple of weeks as of Wednesday, so will catch up with you all soon ~
~ Take care everyone ~


  1. Hi Abi, that beautiful your girls! That you have been wonderful! That pretty detail sneakers, and the nutcracker. I admire your work, blessings Rose marie

  2. I love her eyes, they geting better and better. I like her dress and the Nutcracker prince, who she is holding in her arm:) I loved so much Nutcracker prince film, when i was young:

  3. They are both wonderful! I love the nutcracker, I’ve probably seen it five times over the years. Good luck moving all those animals.

  4. I hope the move goes well. Oh gosh, I just thought - all those little critters too? Now I really hope the move goes well.
    Getting ready for Christmas with the new doll? She's lovely - as always.

  5. Oh she is stunning! Although I have yet to see something that you have created that hasn't been!

    XOXO Jess

  6. Beautifully done!
    Have a safe and simple ( as possible!) move...

  7. I love the ballet shoes, she is so pretty, your dolls are amazing
    Have a easy and happy move
    your fairy friend

  8. She's beautiful, love the colors. Congrats on the move! Don't forget the Practical Magic Blog party :))

  9. Abi, she is stunning! Just beautiful!

    Goodluck with your move - I'll be thinking about you!



  10. Wonderful doll! Love all her details :D

  11. She's fantastic, the sequins are a brilliantly elegant touch, and that mini-nutcracker is awesome! Hope the move goes ok, and that your stuff doesn't get lost like my sister's did when they moved thru the air force...eek.

  12. travel safely dear friend.....
    hopefully all the fur children will behave for the road trip.

    your dolls are beautiful...
    i am looking forward to seeing just what dolls emerge from you in your happiness of being home.


  13. Abi, what a beautiful creation!! I love the Nutcracker Ballet!!
    good luck with your's always nice to go home!!

  14. other beautiful doll! She is fabulous. Love the details Abi! My daughter..31) will LOVe her too, as she was a ballerina for 15 years! Have a safe journey! xoxo Christel

  15. Good luck!!
    Again a beauty, how fragile she looks!

  16. Another beautiful doll ~
    I am also in awe of your work!

    Understated etsy treasury is fabulous!

    And I'm happy to think you are feeling promising about your new home and move... I hope the animals will feel the same way : ) Of course when the have their mum and dad they will be happy!


  17. Your dolls are all so beautiful. They are so serene looking. :)

  18. SO glad I snuck in to visit you before your big move. :) I absolutely LOVE your Nutcracker girl. The Nutcracker is so important to me. My husband introduced me to the ballet when we first met - and we go to see it every holiday. It's just so magical to me. We get dressed up, have a nice dinner, and walk the theatre district in the chilly early December air before we see it. The music and movements mesmerize me. She is a truly beautiful Clara. :) Have a safe and uneventful move. And happy first day of autumn to you! Theresa

  19. oh my goodness are you taking all your beautiful babies with you??? i am sure you will be as i know that you wouldnt leave them behind...i love the nutcracker too...

  20. Oh dear Abi (I've always wanted to say that lol) I cannot tell you how much I adore your creations. There are just no words! You have such a beatiful gift!
    Xoxoxxx Ree

  21. Beautiful doll, as always! Best to you guys in your new home:)

  22. i think she's my new fav.. . but then i look at princess bee & I CANT CHOOSE!!! :) they are just absolutely exquisite Abi!!! beauty beauty beauty!!! loveliest thoughts for you

  23. Hello Abi,
    She is just beautiful I love her!! Her face is so pretty and I love the rossette on her dress.
    I wish you a safe trip back to Oklahoma and I wait to hear from you soon. I would love for you to be our featured artist in Nov issue of the magazine.

  24. I love her hairdo and the two different profiles, her dress with all the details and the wooden Nutcracker. Did you made him, too? How talented you are! It is so exciting to move to a new place to live!!

  25. Wow...she is amazing. I love the beauty and grace of her. I went and saw the Nutcracker in San Francisco many years ago and loved it.

    Bright blessings,

    PS All your dolls are fabulous.

  26. Abi,
    I am in utter awe every time I look upon your creations. Pure Beauty. I just love everything you create.
    Spells and Wishes,
    Wendy from Wonderland

  27. Abi...haven't you forgotten something this weekend? Hmm?
    Ok...this doll is extraodinaire! But...hmmm let me give you a clue:
    Lots of joy and magic to you!*+*+*+.
    +* **+
    *Get it now?
    Hope you are fine. Congrats on your new life in Oklahoma!

  28. Very beautiful work.Enjoy your new home and hope it's has magical as the one in the movie.

    Annabelle *~^..^~*

  29. Abi, she is full of grace the way I imagine you to be.

    I goofed. I forgot to ship the bookmark...I'm sending it your way this week.

    I can be a real bonehead

  30. Beautiful doll! Have a safe move! Can't wait to hear all about it. :)

  31. I'm late....but, thinking of you Abi.....

  32. OMG! She's gorgeous. I love your paint jobs and your costuming is lovely. Glad the move went mostly well. Kitties will find their way. Happy new house.


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