Friday, April 22, 2011

NEW doll, NEW chair, & maybe, NEW dog!

Created for the Etsy Art Dolls Only Team 2nd quaterly challenge; Framed dolls ~
Chapardeur has been framed for a bank robbery & is on the wanted list.
She's for sale in my ETSY SHOP
For more images ~ HERE ~
Loopybooby's Beth doesn't like this chair & she didn't want to cooperate.  I don't much like the chair either.  It was a pain to make, so will be a one off!
This is Ellie, above.  She lives about 3 miles away, & seems to have taken up residence with us.  Even though she's afraid of our big dogs, she keep returning.  I wonder when her owners will give up retrieving her?  she settles down by my side, & this morning when she arrived, she wanted to help with the photography of Chapardeur.  She loves Nigel & Badger in particular.  Nigel has settled in BTW ~
He likes this cushion.
And look at Rosie Boy & Moonface... precious.

Hope everyone enjoys Easter :O)


  1. Lovely doll... and a lovely dog too, the chair looks fab, shame you don't want to make anymore! :o)

  2. I love your interpretation of the challenge, especially the photo of Chapardeur on the wanted list. She is beautiful.
    Beth is a riot....she's too adorable.
    Ellie looks like such a sweetie and I just want to hug all of the animals.
    Have a beautiful weekend!

  3. wooooww. Very nice,very nice.......
    Lovely doll... :)

  4. Ooooh, lovely, lovely animals :D
    and that naughty Beth, she did make me laugh. Chapardeur - what an amazing name for a gorgeous doll. So love your work :D

  5. Yes a very pretty doll and chair. I love the furniture you're making! It's great. The little dog must be lonely and wants to ba part of a big family like yours.

  6. Love your little doll :))...
    and your dog & cats are precious! So sweet!!
    Poor baby dog...maybe he is alone in the world...

  7. Abi, as always, your doll is just too gorgeous!! Love the chair too. Your pets are just the name Nigel...had a dog named that once along with Edgar...they were little English Lords!! LOL

    Love the Wanted are just too clever, young lady!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend and just love everything you've got one helluva set of grey cells up in that noggin of yours!! LOL


  8. All, I kept saying was "Awwww...Awwww...Awwww" I think that Ellie needs to be with you. Is she a little Boston terrier? I love her snaggle tooth..And that photo of Rosie Boy and Moonface, TOO cute, Abi..I just want to snuggle with them.

    And of course another divine doll from you. I love the names that they're telling you..."Chapardeur" is so romantic and she reminds me of something that Johnny Depp's little girl would have for some reason..Are you going to make male dolls? I would love to see them!

  9. I hope you have a wonderful Easter Abi! I love the doll she is perfect and so are the precious pictures of the little sweethearts!
    Tina xo

  10. Chapardeur is stunning and the black and red outfit, combined with the high heels give her just the right edge. You did a lovely job on the outfit and beading. All around lovely. The chair is amazing and even if you are not thrilled, it's a beauty. Now, as for Ellie, what a sweet face! So she keeps running away from home? Clearly she is making a choice, yes?

    It must be a full time job to care for all the furbabies there. :)

    xox Rella

  11. Where to begin!?
    I love your doll and the poster, the chair is so amazing, I bet that took awhile to make! WOW!
    That little Ellie looks to be a Boston Terrier, My Jimmy is half Boston (and there's a reason they call terriers terrors! LOL!)
    Seriously though, she obviously knows good home when she sees it!
    I love the shot of your livingroom! I love your decor!
    and I ADORE your little Nigel and your cuddle-bug kitties!
    Hope you have a Wonderful Holiday!
    XOXO - Cindi

  12. just too gorgeous for words...the doll the dog from the neighbors wants to stay for sure and the cats are my favorite picture of the year so far....Animals know where they are loved ...all the animals at your place obviously feel right at home....and they want to stay!!!

  13. LOVE the new dolls!

    Many Easter Blessings to you and yours my lovely friend!


  14. What a fun and fabulous post, Abi! Let's hope beautiful Chapardeur escapes apprehension by the "law" and finds as lovely a forever home as your sweet furbabies have found with you!

  15. So lovely and magical. : )
    Happy Easter to you, too. : ))

  16. Abi, I loved Chapardeur! Her shoes are so great:) I also loved your little chair.....I hope you make some more. Have a wonderful Easter weekend:) -Dawn-

  17. Oh my goodness!!! Your new doll is beyond lovely - she is just perfect. It's no wonder she sold so quickly. It was fun to meet Ellie. What a cutie. Glad Nigel is settling in - and your two kitties....too cute. Enjoy your day tomorrow! Theresa :)

  18. rosie boy and moonface say it all.

    love to you on this day of light!

  19. Your doll is gorgeous, and I love the Wanted poster. :) Good luck with seeing where the new doggie will end up!

  20. yet in the world does your house still look like a designer home?.... you busy person you...hahahha....

    that does it...I'm off to vacuum at the least... and perhaps get a little bear jointed.... it's almost time for Sheaffer's annual auction.... I better hurry up!

  21. She is lovely...her mask gives her so much mystery :)

    The pictures of your (and maybe soon to be yours)animals are too cute....the kitties especially made me smile :D

  22. Stopping in to say Hi Abi...
    I'm in the Netherlands visiting with Essie and all around galavanting around..

    Love your new doll and maybe your new dog : )
    XXX Pattee

  23. Love your doll!! That lil'dog is pretty precious also!

  24. Fantastic, I love your framed doll, the poster is genius!
    The dogs the kittens are just too much...but a great way to start my morning!
    The dolls furniture you're making is amazing!!!
    And you have a collection of ADO dolls!!
    Have a great to find your pigs!

  25. This doll is a phenom! I love the seriousness of her...the vibrant black w red...beautifully done! You have a moon cat too!?? precious and fuzzy!!! ok...thanks for stopping by....the mold is amazing 2 part can get it at michaels or hobby lobby...its 19.99 but i always use a 40% coupon...and I have the makins clay measure stick...its the best with this because if its not precise...the mold doesnt rubberize right. ps the chair is amazing.....loce colleen

  26. As usual, your work is masterpiece. What a great doll!

  27. OMG How cute is Ellie!!
    Adorable doll too!! I must try making some furniture some time Looks lovely!

  28. happy mothers day abi for your heart of hearts in the world of fostering fur babies!



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