Thursday, March 31, 2011


I have just finished two dolls inspired by images on Moodboard (you can see all on my flickr page ~ HERE
I had fun making feet! & painting henna tattoos on her feet & legs....
She is in my ETSY SHOP now.

A commissioned Art Doll ~

Our new stray kitty (# 13!)... she has made herself at home, & is totally lovable.  Meet Grey ~

This is the first time we have experienced spring in our new home ~ these are three trees loaded with color ~ our lovely mailman did tell me what they were called, but now I can't remember!

Hope everyone is having a great week!


  1. Oh Abi!!! I so love the feet on your new doll and the henna tatoos are so fitting for her, love her ring, love her outfit and her hair, love everything about her!
    Mr. Grey is a very handsome guy! I'm so jealous of the trees you have in bloom already! We still have snow on the ground here. However, we have been fortunate to have blue and sunny skies, so it's a promise of spring. Much love to you. Teri

  2. Oops, Grey is a beautiful girl I should have said!!! Sorry 'bout that Grey!

  3. Your two new dolls are absolutely wonderful.
    Oh, I love your kitty Grey! He is so cute!
    And I love the beautiful spring photos too, they are inspiring. Enjoy your weekend. Hugs.

  4. I love them all, the dolls, the cat and the flowers!

  5. Your dolls are all so special...each one unique and unlike anything I've ever seen! Your latest are no exception!

    Do you really have 13 cats?! Wow! Grey looks so sweet, though...her expression is so inquisitive :)

  6. I grew up in an engineering community with a few people from the Middle East. I loved it when my friends came to school with the henna on their hands; your doll is gorgeous.

    And the commissioned doll is so SWEET!! she is beautiful--she looks like any girl's best friend:)

  7. Your dolls are always so beautiful Abi. I love the henna tattoos :)
    And the new arrial looks like a very sweet kitty!

  8. I love the new dolls! Fun making feet, isn't it? I bet it tickled when you painted them. :~P

  9. yes...abi...I am loving the feet with the Henna!!! hmmmm...feet...maybe.....
    OK, anyway the doll is Stunning!!! my favorite color in the Universe (no color!!!!) white and my closet and thats what you me..Stunning!! haha also...I love the new "Child" that has come to you! so SWEEEET! Love Colleen

  10. She (Henna) is so beautiful - probably one of my favourites.
    You did the tattoos wonderfully. The costume and fabrics are really beautiful.

    Grey is so pretty and looks very intelligent and inquisitive. It must be nice to live in a place where you can have so many animal friends and give homes to them.


  11. New dolls, the sweetest kitty and gorgeous flowers everywhere. Spring is here and you've shown everything so beautifully. Your dolls are so eclectic and the details are so much fun to look at. I'd never heard of "Moodboard" before so what a delight to have it introduced to me. Really Grey has one of the most feminine and sweetest kitty faces I've ever seen. I just adore her :)

  12. Abi both dolls are absolutely stunning but my favourite has to be the first one. Love the tatoos on her feet.
    Grey is beautiful, love her inquisitive looking eyes!

  13. Those toes are so cute and tickle-able! What a joy! sooo many blossoms everywhere! With a new cat and all these blessed things, life will shine this spring! Take care sweet one! Blessings and light, Amy

  14. Your menagerie continues to grow. I'm not surprised. Love your dollies as usual and the little hennaed feet are awesome. Oh, the cat's cute too.

  15. Hi Abi,your two dolls are lovely I think the first is one of my favourites but then again I love them all!!

  16. Grey is such a beautiful kitty! So happy to find that she has made her way to live with you. :) Your dollars are gorgeous -both of them. The henna is simply amazing! It's so lovely to see signs of spring where you are. We are just getting a few baby buds on our lilacs. :) Happy April! Theresa

  17. Oh, the first blossoms look so similar to what we are seeing her ein Portugal....and I have no idea what they are.....

    Grey is lovely....

    and...of course.... you new gals are great........
    As soon as I get home I must complete Rumpel...but, honestly....I have been out of that mode for over two weeks now...and ehhhhh...... it will be tough to get back to doll and bear making mode...... hopefully I will be able to jump back into it. ...
    Yesterday it was +31C here.... and at home it will still be -2C or so.... cold and miserable.... waht a come down...... sigh....

  18. beautifil dolls..ditto to what everyone else has said about them..
    cutest Miss Grey...those eyes are to drown in...
    the blossom is from the Pruus variety (related to the plum tree) and the other one is a variety of will have leaves after the flowers..does have some thorns and a strange aple like fuit (which can actually be eaten stewed)too
    what amazing sights you will see from now on in your spring (but first i have to endure the winter here)...lucky you

  19. Love the tattoos but am especially liking the commissioned art doll's style! good job. well, they're always good.

    Mr. Grey is a do they know you are so available to take them in???? LOL

  20. I must say you have the most amazing imaginations in making your girls :) :) To me, they are as lively as anyone else and they LOOOOOOVE pretty fashions!

  21. Dear Abi, when do you succeed to create such beautiful and unique dolls? Every time there're some new details like the tattooed feet, the spectacles, the hair-do... I like your second doll very much!
    Grey seems amiable and pretty!
    I suppose the third blossom is of an apple. I've seen the first tree (a decorative one) in our park, last Spring I took it on a photo!
    Have a happy springtime!

  22. Hi Abi, sorry it has been awhile since my last visit..LOVE LOVE LOVE the henna tattoos! What a special touch to this doll. The hair on the second doll is awesome too! Love all the new unique ideas you are incorporating, and the kitty.who doesn't love a beautiful cat? Thank you for sharing the flowers too, how gorgeous. Hope you have a great week. xoxox Christel

  23. Beautiful doll and beautiful blog. So happy I stumbled upon your site!

  24. I love your new dolls Abi... I just love them!
    #13 kitty... WOW!

    And look at all that beautiful color!

    I saw that you said that the photos of the Netherlands looked like England and I agree when I was in the Cotswalds...(sp)

  25. Your work is absolutely amazing :) JUST are the wonderful flowers shrubs and trees on your new property :)

    Wishing you a lovely day.


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