Saturday, February 16, 2013

We are back!

It looks like Blogger has had a makeover!  It's been a joy to work with so far.... but maybe I just jinxed myself.  I am back to blogger since I can't stand the random adverts that pop up all over my page on Wordpress - especially when it links ads to my words within posts, without my consent.

I'll be attempting to use this blog as my journal...

I have also ben trying to figure out a way to run my Etsy shop which suits my personality and production capacities.  I don't like making people wait for 2 weeks whilst I make their doll clothes and furniture and so on, so I will be making to sell.  I will not be taking custom orders for the time being.  I have noticed when I restrict orders, more demands are placed on me, therefore I am hoping offering shop update times will alleviate many emails.  Of course, this will require me to maintain a schedule and dead line, which I also don't like very much. We will see how I get on. 

In the meantime, I intend to have a small shop update on Sunday 17th February at 7pm CST this will consist of furniture and clothes.  The items I don't finish in time, will  go in the shop during the week.
An example of the items available

Elly & Peri



  1. I love when you mumble about stuff. Hope to hear and SEE how your critters are doing!
    (and if there are any new additions!)

  2. I love the wee closet!!! of course the pretties that go in it too.


  3. Cindi - good to see you! I had no idea blogger had updated - I hope it behaves!
    Hi Lisa! hope you are well. Must visit...

  4. So good to see you post Abi. I'm also quitting Wordpress for other reasons. Blogger it will be and I'm looking forward to seeing new dollies and accessories.

  5. Thanks Wendy - good to see you...

  6. So happy to see you back, Abi! I've always enjoyed your posts :)

  7. Welcome back, don't care for wordpress either. But I stayed with blogspot 5 years, been keeping it as a journal for awhile now. Looking forward to seeing all your wonderful photos and dollies

  8. Welcome back! And yes, Blogger will be its usual capricious self; losing photos, hiding text, forgetting to add comments and posting images sideways randomly.

  9. I love your items and will be following you here on blogger.

  10. Hi Abi,
    I was so excited to read that you're having a shop update, but I realised that I'll be tucked up in bed because I live in the UK.
    I keep dreaming of having some of your gorgeous clothes for my girls :) I only just started collecting Blythe dolls, I wish I'd started earlier :) Hugs ♥ Vicky ♥

  11. Abi, it's so beautiful! everything!

  12. Hey Abi.... it was fun to note your blog show up on my bloglines.... I had never deleted it and now all of a sudden.... movement in here ..hahhahah..... welcome back ....

    ps I didn't know blogger had updated.... I just go blindly along hoping nothing changes so drastically I won't be able to keep up....I am not techno savvy ...

  13. Lol...I like what Vee said. I too, do not consider me techno savvy and I was posting on both of my blogs, then I lost interest in blogging. Oh well, I am supposed to be welcoming you back!!! WELCOME HOME ABI!!!! Hooray!!!!!

    so many big hugzzzzzzz(((((((((((((Abi))))))))))))))

  14. Hey thanks everyone! Its great to see blog land alive and well :) Off to visit you all...

  15. Karey - I couldn't find a comment button on your page?

  16. Well Pam - I couldn't comment on your blogs either - the dolly one I couldn't find the comment button (gorgeous doll btw)and your Versana one wouldn't let me leave a comment... is this normal?!!


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