Saturday, June 25, 2011

New doll, with a Victorian edge...

Baudette knew what she wanted, which made this doll a joy to work on... I was a bit slow with getting her hair right though!
This was her final hair do of three :O)
Baudettes custom doll
second do ~
Baudettes Custom Doll
first do ~
Baudettes Custom Doll
Baudettes custom doll
Baudettes custom doll
It's amazing how hair can alter the appearance of an art doll.
I didn't get my dolls finished in time for Vanessa's mad tea party, but there are so many great blogs to visit ~ HERE ~
My poor fella Texas
has a mysterious illness....
He has had every test under the sun, & still has dramatic weight loss for no apparent reason.  He doesn't appear ill, just skin & bone...that can't be right eh?

And blogger?  bugger blogger, it's still playing up....I keep getting ~
That’s an error.Your client has issued a malformed or illegal request. That’s all we know"


  1. She is so beautiful! Wonderful work.

  2. Oh your new doll is stunning, Abi! I love when you do period pieces dolls...and my "girls" and I are very concerned about Texas : ( Have you considered an alternative vet. if you don't use one already, where they may be able to do further testing?

    Oh we hope he'll be o.k. soon, sending all of you lots of purrs and prayers.
    Wendy, Miss Bella and Sele

    I told ya that Blogger is really in trouble ; )

  3. Oh Abi she is beautiful! I can't wait until I get to see the one you are working on for me!

    In the meantime - drop by my blog for a change to win one of my mushroom plushies we made for my Wonderland wedding!

  4. fabulous post, wonderful tea party, love your Victorian dollie, that is a great era to costume, lovely!!!!
    so sorry about your kitty looks like a worm bummer, I'll say a little prayer and blow fairy dust

  5. Lovely doll! You are so talented. Poor Texas. Maybe he is diabetic. Did they do that test? Give him extra love and goodies. Will he even eat? I hate it when we don't know how to help. Poor baby.

  6. Beautiful doll, and I hope Texas gets better.

  7. LOVE the doll, I can see her on a stagecoach traveling west! (I love Westerns! LOL!)

    I'll have to visit those blogs, someday I hope to take part in one of her parties. Made if I start now I could be ready for the Halloween one.

    About he losing weight but eating alot? if he is...have they tested for hyperthyroid? It can be managed with medication if that's it. I'm sending positive thoughts for the little guy.
    XOXO - Cindi

  8. Really lovely doll! I agree, just a few tweaks make a huge difference in her appearance. But your dolls would be stunning even if they were bald. A bit like their mama, eh? Hope your kitty feels better soon. :( poor little dude!

  9. She is gorgeous! I love the period clothing!

    Poor Texas...I hope they find the problem soon!

  10. Your dolls are always so exquisitely beautiful Abi :D I do hope you can get Texas sorted soon. Dear little mite, he's so handsome, maybe he needs to live on tuna and prawns like my old orange cat once suggested :D

  11. I love your victorian doll!!! A kiss for the cat. I am sorry for him!!

    A greeting

  12. I love the hair on the doll, all 3 variations.

    As for poor Texas, please don't take this the wrong way, and you have probably thought of it anyway, but our old ginger, Tixi Pickles, suddenly and dramatically lost weight about 3 years ago. Poor soul looked anorexic, then his hair began to fall out along his spine and that is when the vets realised what was causing it.

    He is allergic to badger fleas! Wild animals have different types of fleas to domestic cats and even though they won't live on a cat they do jump on and bite. Then the cat, if it has an allergy, becomes really ill from these constant little bites, even though there are non of the offending fleas on the cat to give the game away. Could Texas be allergic to one of the local wild animal's fleas? Might be worth mentioning to the vet?

  13. Poor Texas! I hope he will gain weight soon.
    I can see your problem chosing the hair for your doll, because the three of them look amazing. She is exquisite, Abi.
    The mad tea party photos are delicious.

  14. Hello, Abi
    I love your new doll! I love her sweet!
    Your poor kitty. Did they check thyroid too? I know my sister-in-laws cat was lethargic and when she was put in thyroid medication she became a new cat again.
    I love kitties! Hope you find out what is wrong.
    Teresa Swanson in CA

  15. Hi Abi,
    Love your new doll, she is beautiful...

    I am sorry for your poor kitty.
    This happened to my daughters cat, she was skin and bones. I googled the symptoms and I saw where this happens to animals who are allergic to the grains in their food...mainly wheat. My daughter changed her food and she got better. Sure hope you can find out the cause for this strange illness...
    Dessa Rae

  16. hey sweet abi!
    beautiful creation...every bright detail.

    texas, be well dear cat.

  17. She's wonderful:) I love the dress you made for her.....stunning:) Have a great week.

  18. Poor Texas, may he have peace and health. It tugs at the heart. Thanks for the party fun! Blessings, friend.

  19. she is gorgeous....
    Poor Texas...we had a cat who had diabetes and he lost heaps of weight too...but drank a lot of water..
    hope you find out what is soon...

  20. Gorgeous Victorian lady! Love the outfit!


  21. Sorry, meant to send your Texas a hugzzzzzzzzzzz
    hope you get to the bottom of his illness soon....cancer?


  22. Hi Abi!!!! Your doll is just so gorgeous. The Victorian period is one of my favorites - and she fits right in.
    I am so sorry about your sweet Texas. Is it his kidneys? I know both my darling kitties had kidney issues which caused them to lose a lot of weight. I'll be keeping Texas in my thoughts. Take care and enjoy the holiday weekend doing something fun!


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