Thursday, July 7, 2011

~ Wedding Day La Mémoire ~ New Doll ~ Egg ~ Pets ~ WIP ~

5th Wedding Anniversary - Today :O)
5 years today :O)  Good times.
Silvija's Custom Doll ~ Such a gentle & kind customer. Was a pleasure.
Silvija's Custom Doll

Silvija's Custom Doll

Silvija's Custom Doll
This little egg was the only survivor following a bad storm.  I put him/er and the nest back in the tree, but the mama did not return :O(
It is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.
Nigel agrees... who lies on the couch in the studio, watching me procrastinate (we do that a lot)
Nigel, studio helper 1
And when I do get working, Ghost comes and plonks his bum in front of me, so I have to stop for a while :O)
Ghost, studio helper 3
And Gizmo, studio helper #3 is feeling much better after her ~ Vet feared she may have Cancer ~ episode.  Turned out to be a viscous infection. (Texas, however remains undiagnosed).
Gizmo, studio helper 3
& finally a work-in-progress shot~
Nathalie's Doll WIP


  1. The poor little egg - its such a cute little thing and Oh that is a beautiful WIP face!!

  2. An yes - I am a blog stalker apparently. lol

  3. Happy Anniversary Abi. I hope there are celebrations in the offing. Once again, you have created a gorgeous doll.
    As for the little four-legged creatures, I do hope Texas gets better.

  4. Happy Anniversary, Abi! I wish you many more years together, full of love, laugh and harmony!:) Do you know that the fifth year of a marriage is the "wooden" one? And the spouses must exchange wooden gifts?? If you are interested, I can send you the meaning of the other "marriage" anniversaries, not only the ruby and the golden ones.
    This new doll is lovely! Every time you try something new - an element, a material, a detail...
    I'm so sorry about the egg! You gave it a chance to live, but... It's really a beauty!

  5. I love the new doll, the wedding photos are beautiful and the studio helpers are adorable. I hope Texas gets better soon.

  6. Happy 5th Anniversary!!!!! Love your dress.

    Soon it will be 36 years for me:)

  7. Happy Anniversary!
    Your blog is so beautiful. And your lovely. Some day, I hope that I will be fortunate enough to own one.
    I hope Texas is better soon!

  8. Hi Abi, I love your photos as always. The little egg, even though such a sad story, has got such magnificent colours!

    I like your WIP pic. :)

    Happy anniversaru ( again) ;-)

    ( am fostering a very old dog at the moment, he is really hard work but I absolutely adore him!)

  9. Happy Anniversary Abi! The wedding photos are so beautiful.
    You have created yet another amazing doll. She's wonderful.
    I love seeing your little helpers, they bring tears to my eyes. My Little Bug went to Heaven last night and my heart is still very raw....her time here was much too short.
    I'm so glad that Gizmo is feeling better and I will continue my prayers for Texas.
    Your WIP is stunning.
    Can't wait to see what she develops into.
    XOXO - Cindi

  10. Totally gorgeous post ...i just wanted to say AAAAAHHHH and cuddle up with those devine creature ..they sure know what relaxing is all about...i am coming back as a cat at your house (thats if i believed in reincarnation)

  11. Great pictures of your animal helpers :D I love WIP pictures too.

    I'm sure he has, but has Texas been tested for thyroid function? My cat had an underactive thyroid and looked very similar to Texas. I hope you get it sorted soon, hugs to you all :D

  12. Happy Late Anniversary, Abi! Your wedding looked gorgeous and fun. I can't imagine you not having the most lovely wedding though...I love the glasses on your new child.

    SO glad that Gizmo is o.k. I lost a very beloved kitty to cancer and it still tears my heart out. We're sending lots of purrs and prayers to Texas :(

    Wendy, Miss Bella and Sele

  13. so much love and beauty here today.
    you have in fact...swept me away!


  14. Happy Anniversary! That is a cute dog:)

  15. Happy Anniversary Dear One! I just had my 5th anniversary on the 25th of June :)

    Your new doll is gorgeous!

    Glad the sweet Kitty is better. We sure love our fur babies!


  16. Belated anniversary wishes Abi. Loved your beautiful photos. That egg has such pretty colour so sad it will never hatch.
    Your new doll is as beautiful as all the others. Hope Texas feels better soon.

  17. it's always a busy time over there..... always lots to see when I check you out..... love the kitties...


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