Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Dolls & what's with dying fabric?

I can't dye fabric the colour I want. Never. Ever.  I wanted black, or at least it to look like this ~

Love this!
But no, I get this ~
Fabric I tried to dye black!!
Which happens to be an indeliberate, yet perfect match for an outfit I'm making for a custom doll, inspired by this book ~
Oh, I had a split in the glove I was using, and have a beautiful grey blue set of fingers .
I bought these yesterday ~ love the colour.
New Dolls
Second & third Cadabby Pixies
This is Tinker ~
Cadabby Tinker

Cadabby Tinker
And this is Taylor ~
Cadabby Taylor

Cadabby Taylor
Tinker & Taylor
Cadabby Tinker & Taylor
Any tips on removing dye from ones hands? would be grateful:O)


  1. I clean the kitchen then shampoo my hair and hope it fades enough not to notice - doesn't work with feet though!!!!

  2. I love the new dolls, especially like Taylor's hair.
    To get rid of dye on your hands try using dish washing liquid, it takes quite a few washes.
    Dying black is not easy, it takes patience but after dying fabric for years this almost always works. I presume that you are using a powder dye like Rit. You need to look at the wool dyeing instructions. What ever quantity of dye you are using you must double that for black, double the amount of salt and add some vinegar. Then follow the instructions. I hope this helps.

  3. I love these pixies...always so magical!

    Do you utter your own special magic words "Abi Cadabbey" when conjuring your charming dolls...heehee!?


  4. I never have any luck with dying either... or getting dye off my hands! At least it came out a nice shade and not all blotchy, that's my speciality

  5. I never get the colour I want when I dye something either.

    The best stuff to remove dye, paint, grease etc is the hand cleaner that car mechanics use. It's like a cream you rub into your hands and then wash off. I would buy it in Canadian Tire up here but you must have an equivalent store in the USA. It's easy on the hands too.

    Love your new sweet:)

  6. OMG! Is that inspiration an Arthur Rackham illustration! He is one of my all time favorites. I have couple of books with his work in them and I've given one of my nieces several books with his work as gifts! She's in love with him too!

    I think that I tried to dye something black once by putting it on the stove and adding vinegar but as I recall...I ended up adding instant coffee to the pot in an effort to "stain" it darker and then I ended up painting it with a wash of I'm NO help at all!

    I'm wondering if hydrogen peroxide would help on your fingers? We use it at work to get blood stains out.

    Wow, LOVE Tinker & Taylor! Once again FABULOUS! (Sorry for the LONG comment!)
    XOXO - Cindi

  7. Try Gojo or Goo Gone..or orange solvent, or Varsol, and then ... if all else fails....maybe lemon juice....

    love the new look.....

  8. ABI!!!

    More of your beautiful art! Also am in love with Tinker and Taylor too! Taylor's outfit is gorgeous! I say that alot about your work... I hope I have the opportunity to meet you one of these days...sure am in love with your work! I just use dish detergent as I do all my dying in the kitchen area.
    When dying dark colors like black; use double or triple the amount. I usually use the Procion MX and dye them in a pot using really hot water - pot on stove! Sending you an email with a couple places to read about it! Meanwhile, once again....BEAUTIFUL!


  10. I love the look of this two girls ! the faces are very tender ! A great idéa !

  11. I like your new dolls!!! And the book is fantastic! I read it the past month.

    A greeting!

  12. Getting the right color dyeing fabric is hard for me too. I use the liquid Rit dye and it works better for me.
    If your close to a Sally Beauty supply you can get a hair color remover for skin, thats what I use. If not you could try clorox bleach mixed with water, Ive done that before too.

  13. Your new dolls are wonderful!!!
    As for the dye.....baking soda and lemon juice should do the trick:)

  14. Sigh... that is the best book. I love the Rackham, of course-ity, dourse-ity. Such a story. I have trouble when I dye for brown. I want deep dark chocolate and get a lovely cocoa, like the kind perfect for marshmallows, friend. So, I am not the one to ask. I wish I could be of more assistance. I love the little straight wispy bob on your new doll! Oh, such joy it is to know you and your art! I am so happy. Blessings and safe days, dear. All the sunshine and sweet breezes I send to you and yours.

  15. I am so completely twitterpated over Taylor. *looks at her new sewing machine fund with a pained face*

    You have such an amazing talent Abi!

  16. First, I am in love with you work and these new dolls are swoon worthy.

    There is a new cleaner block from Ranger that is positively amazing! You rub it on your hands with water. It feels like a florists foam (that light and airy) but does not seem to break down easily, so it lasts forever. It takes off alcohol ink from fingers and hands and is even gentle enough to remove Stazon ink from clear stamps. Here's a link:

    Hope this helps.

  17. thought just came to me -you should design and make kiddies clothes -you'd make a fortune and have your dolls as models-then get someone to make your little shoe designs!!-the overlocker(Ithink they call it a "serger"in the u.s.cuts and finishes the raw edges on seams +lots of other things

  18. Oh these are divine dollies!! Love them both so much. They will fly away quickly.

    Removing dye from hands....hmmm, safely is the issue. I think it will take a while.

    Dying black is a real challenge..I often add a touch a navy blue and it really has to sit a while. More dye than normal for sure. salt and vinegar is absolutely key. You may have to switch to a different dye for black. Look at Dharma & Co. for some good dye.

    xox Rella

  19. Oh, Abi, I'm fascinated by your new dolls! They are rather different, but again charming, tender and beautiful! I just wonder at your talent to choose the most suitable materials and to combine them with such a taste! I like every little detail - from the knitted blouse to the glasses. And everything is perfectly sculpted, painted, sewn, knitted...! Simply wonderful!!!

  20. The new dolls are absolutely lovely, Abi! I so wish I could help you with the dye situation. I hope that you can alter the color and can't wait to see the custom doll - I know she will be lovely!

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  22. Thank you for visiting my blog. I can't believe how small the world is, Haddenham is a lovely village about 25 minutes from me. I live in a very small village near St Ives and Fenstanton and yes the A14 is dreadful, most probably even worse now.
    You really should try dying fabric again, you got the hardest part right and that is getting the fabric dyed evenly, the rest is easy.

  23. i just can't keep my eyes away from the awe of YOU!

    please do not tell my husband, but when i cannot remove certain art traces from my hands...i take a hot tub. works like a charm!

  24. Hi Abi - this post was long ago that you were trying to dye and get that wonderful soft vintage black..but I wondered if adding brown to your black would get you where you were wanting to go - as in coffee or maybe a bit of walnut ink ?

    ps. didn't read all of these comments, yet , forgive if this is a repeat thot.

  25. yes Tinker and Taylor are a m a z i n g

    completely enchanted here

    ah but You Are...ENCHANTING too :)


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