Friday, January 28, 2011

~ New Art Dolls & Journals ~

I have just completed a custom doll for a beautiful woman who is also an amazing cloth doll artist, amongst many more talents!
This doll is the first darker skinned gal I have made, and I really enjoyed being out of my comfort zone... I soon realised that getting dark skin results, even on camera proved tricky!  I told her new owner that I wouldn't share images until she was with her... but I couldn't resist sharing just a little.... :O)

Here is a little look at the doll I created for the One World One Heart event commencing 30 31 sure to come visit on Sunday Monday,  if you want to be in the draw for her and her friend! Actually, you have until the 17th February, so there is no rush!
I'm also donating a prize via the Art Doll Only blog. I will share the link when it's ready.

I've been busy creating journals.  Here is a gold spiral bound kraft covered one! it consists of watercolor paper, instead of the sketch paper.  I would be making them much faster, but since Epson decided my printer was no longer satisfactory, I have been driven to buy a new one. And wait.

I am making them in a variety of sizes, and thouroughly enjoying it!


  1. I hope I will have the chance to win a doll this time, I think a doll by you would look great in the parTEA room!

  2. I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see a little brown girl here! We are not well represented in this style of art doll. This glimpse of her looks wonderful!

  3. It's nice to learn how busy you are! I am so curious to see the dark girl "from head to heels", as well as the one in blue! But it's easy to see even now that they are beauties!
    And oh, the journals! This one is so elegant! Have a nice Sunday!:)

  4. Your dolls are always amazing. I made a little brown girl clothespin doll, but she wasn't glamorous like yours are.

  5. i love the purple and the little flower in her hair.

  6. I will make sure to visit on Sunday! I definitely want to get into the draw! I ADORE your dolls.
    I think your journals are a fantastic idea. They are so pretty that I would not want to use one but just "showcase" it.
    Take care!
    XOXO - Cindi

  7. Loved seeing the sneak peek of your beautiful dolls. And your journals are wonderful - sorry you're having such awful printer problems. I am thinking of getting an upgrade already - apparently my little Epson doesn't like me to use certain types of paper. Bah! Next time I will shop around VERY carefully. :) Enjoy the weekend! Theresa

  8. Oh Abi,

    Jazzi is gorgeous and loved by all who view her! That's cuz you are FANTASTIC! She is so beautiful! Thank you! I will be ordering more!


  9. How exciting...I would love to win one of your dolls! Your journals are so pretty, I would love to win one of those too:)

  10. A woman of many talents with a menagerie. I hope the four legged creatures are all well.

  11. Abi as usual you have created the most amazing lovely dolls. Love them and I love the new journals. I hope you will be listing them in your shop soon as I would love to have one......


  12. Me Again!
    I just saw another comment about an Epson printer and that's what I was thinking of getting soon. Now I'm not so sure! Abi, will you let me know what you recommend!?
    I've been thinking of making prints of my dog photos (still just thinking! LOL!)
    Thanks! - Cindi

  13. Oh...I am "mesmerized" by your dolls...they will definately serve as inspiration to my own "Doll Journey"! Love Colleen

  14. Abi, your dolls are always so gorgeous! Can't wait to see all of her :o) xo Michele

  15. Abi, just gorgeous!! I've made many darker skinned dolls before. I'm Latina, so why not!! LOL Well, I hope I am fortunate enough to win one of your that would be a big prize!!

    Have a wonderful weekend and love to the piggies!


  16. Sigh as usual your dolls are gorgeous! And glad you played around with the different skin tone.:)Email me how much would it be to custom make a doll. My birthday is coming up and Bo will not be here. Figured I could have something good to look forward to. :)You still have my gmail address right? And your journals will be a hit! :)

  17. Oh Abi you've done it again!
    I just totally love your new dolls and will definitely be at OWOH and put my name in the virtual hat... with hopes I may have another doll from you!

    I love love your art journals!!! They turned out so elegant! Just like your dolls and you!

    XXX Pattee

  18. Hello Abi! Ack, I am late in posting my comments as I have become positively OCD about re-photo'ing my jewellery shots. I want to complete the whole shebang prior to lambing season so it is has been rush, rush, RUSH!! First, I love the new font you are using on your blog posts. Second, I am very partial to your girl wearing that gorgeous saturated, velvet like blue/purple colour..divine! It puts me in mind of irises in both colour and texture. I am also partial to this girls hairdo as it gives me a spanish flamenco dancer flavour. It is elegant and draws attention to the beautiful facial features. Oh, and the contrast with the skin tone and iris colour just completely makes it for me, pulls everything together, and creates a total knockout homerun!! Lovely work, Abi!
    xoxo The BuMcat (aka your nutter friend Wendy)

  19. I love your new projects Abi, the journals are wonderful and the pictures of the dolls add such a special touch. Snowflake is very photogenic, lucky gal :D

    Thank you for your kind words. It really has been a shocking few months and my emotions are tattered. But today the sun is shining and I actually feel like myself again :D

  20. I always get such an excitement seeing your children, Abi...and I can't wait to get my hands on one of the doll journals! I really love the beautiful dusky skin tone of the new doll you made. And the dolls for the giveaway, amazing. One very blessed person is going to have a gorgeous doll!

  21. Wonderful doll! It would be really amazing to have it!


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