Monday, January 17, 2011

Be my Valentine? New Doll & Nigel the pillow.

This is Valentine, and her two love birds!  she's now in my Etsy shop.

Nigel has settled in particularly well... he appears to be a pillow for both cat and dog!!

I recently purchased this gorgeous book by Kelly Rae Roberts.  It's lush.

I love these Love Birds! Too cute.


  1. fabulous pics, your doll is divine, those faces you paint are so beautiful

  2. Valentine is gorgeous, Abi and it's so heartwarming to see Nigel looking completely at home with the rest of your animal entourage. I imagine he believes he has woke up in heaven! You can absolutely see how happy and settled he is. I just LOVE these pictures. Thank you for sharing xox The BuMcat, Wendy
    p.s. OMGosh, I made it through a post with nary a swear word, nor a smart-mouthed (almost spit out a##sed) response.
    p.p.s. I'm pinching myself. Who IS this stranger??
    p.p.p.s. Loved the pictures of Valentine on Flickr too and I'm checking out your use of lighting :) TahTah Darling !!!

  3. Valentine is dreamy! Love her! Glad to see Nigel is fitting right in! Oh I have that book by Kelly Rae she's so inspirational! Michele

  4. Aw I love that Nigel is settling in so well... do you have love birds as well Abi?

    You new doll is fabulous... just beautiful... as all your dolls are....

    XXX Pattee

  5. Lovely girl, hair and dress! She's waiting for the one to say:"Be my Valentine!" and I'm sure she'll find him very soon!
    Nigel is good-hearted, I can see it in his eyes! There's a harmony between your pets and I suppose the feeling is wonderful!
    We don't have here such kinds of books - it seems to be an inspiring one! We don't have parrots either, but... maybe some of our birds don't live in your latitude?...:)

  6. Your dolls always look so delicate...
    The cat-dog show is worth buying tickets for. :~D

  7. Hi Abi, another simply gorgeous doll! Congrats on the sale. :) Nigel is so adorable - how wonderful that he has bonded with his new feline and canine siblings. He looks like a total sweetheart. I,too, own that Kelly Rae Roberts book. It is so inspirational! Have a great week! Theresa

  8. Miss Valentine is so dreamy and wistfully beautiful, Abi. All your "children" have such a personality and ethereal quality about them. I LOVE the photo of Nigel and your other furbabies. They put such a smile on my fave and of course my "girls" loved them. I really miss my daschi. I used to have. We also had an orange kitty who used to love "Lottie" our daschi. just like Nigel and your baby.

  9. I have that book too!
    Love the book.
    Love the doll.
    Love Nigel.
    Love You-kindheart!

  10. The dog and cat photo took my breath away--so sweet. You are very blessed, Abi.

  11. Valentine is a cutie..

    and little Nigel.... awww.... he is sure a cutie too. Isn't it amazing how they all get along so well together? ... I can't believe wonderful for them all.

  12. Wonderful doll, love her hair and shoes! Nigel is just too adorable xx
    Got a big stash of ribbon and braid to send so will wait till I can get a copy of the mag to send as well.
    Kazy xx

  13. The doll is pretty!! And I have Kelly Rae's book too and a couple of her prints on my wall. :)

  14. Amazing work, congrats! I don't know much about dolls, but I think yours are so lovely. Beautiful blog too.

  15. She is beautiful! I love her tiny birdcage! I have been wanting that book! I might have to just break down and buy it!


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