Thursday, September 3, 2009

Etsy Project Embrace & Paper Piglet! The above cute little piggy is my new banner for my new shop I'm going to open - it will be specifically for all my greeting cards, paintings, sketches, anything paper really! I think my other shop, which is so successful (cough, splutter, gulp)will be just for jewelry mannequins and art dolls. Not sure where to put my clay hearts etc?........... :O) My first Treasury for the Etsy Project Embrace group..... please visit these amazing artists:


  1. Good luck and success to you! I like your piggy...very cute.

  2. Abi, I love the name and the banner for your new shop - perfect!!

  3. You are one busy gal Abi....

    I'm still helping with sawing, painting, swearing, and today I'll seal some of the little tiles we put on a week or so ago..I'm tired of hiding the tiles under a towel in case I splash some tomato sauce on them.... must.get.them.sealed!! dolls and all else have definitely take a far back seat..all the way at the back of the bus I'm afraid... for about another month or so at this rate.....


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