Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Dove

On Saturday, we found a Dove in the road, with a broken wing from a bullet. We expected he would not survive, but 5 days later, he is still with us. After numerous phone calls to wildlife centers etc, we were given no help apart from 'you need to kill him'. Yeah right, that's really going to happen. (if he was clearly suffering, then yes, that would be the best thing, but he doesn't appear to be)
The day after we picked up the Dove, we had to rescue a Cardinal with a broken wing, from one of our cats, but unfortunately, he didn't survive. A first time for everything.
Anway, does anyone have any experience with Doves? are we doing the right thing? he still can't fly, but he continues to hobble around ok. I have no clue if he is in pain, but having read a thousand sites about ill Doves, he appears to be in good health, apart from his wing. I have emailed a few Dove lovers for help, but as yet, haven't had a response. I'm worrying that he will be lonely? If he is able to fly again, then he will obviously be set free, until then, I think he needs a safe environment.
We think he is a male Mourning Dove, and he is called Coo! :O)


  1. Hi,
    I live in Philadelphia,PA and I called the Philadelphia Zoo to get information on who to call about situations such as the one you described and she gave me a number to AARK... not sure what all the letters stand for, but it is the Rehabilitation Center for this area....not sure where you are, but you can do what I the closest zoo and ask for your area's center for Rehabing Animals.... if you are in this area or don't care if you make a long distance call...the number is (215) 968-4963...
    Hope they can help!

  2. Thank you Pam, out of all the wildlife centers we called, I never thought of the local Zoo! I will call the number you gave me - thank you! we don't have a local rehab for wild birds and animals anymore - isn't that crazy?!

  3. I don't know Abi if he's seems not in pain and he can hobble I guess I'd keep him until your sure he can fly...

    He might just hang around your house and be a pet...

    I had a dead falcon that I know I couldn't keep the feathers... because of it being an endangered rapture... I called everywhere even the Native Americans that live here the Lummi's and they didn't want the feathers either... so I have them.... shhhh
    Good luck~
    We still have our rehab for wild birds thank god....

    Thanks for the comment about my witch~

  4. yes indeed...the zoo usually will help..or at least provided some other avenues to try...

    looks like a Mourning Dove to me.... hope you find a home for him...or perhaps he will just become one of your own merry menagerie.... what's one more of anything now eh?

  5. Abi, you are so sweet to rescue animals. I hope he/she will heal quickly. wish you the best luck finding help too. You really are an angel. I have seen a pair of doves that look like him always together. And Thanks for comment on my baby too. Hugs

  6. Face it Abi - you now run an animal sanctuary! :o)

  7. Well, I called another load of sancturies, and the Local Zoo, all said no we don't help. So, I think Texas has made it clear to me that the Bird conservation is somewhat lacking. They would rather the bird be killed than saved - unbloody believable. So it's legal to shoot birds and leave them wounded, and illegal to care for them back to good health. Well looks like Yve is right! :O)

  8. sweet wishes for Coo! & for you!!
    it is an amazing story! i do believe this is the first time i've heard of a bird that survived, every bird we've tried to rescue{from swallows to gallahs} has never made it. & its amazing how attached you get after just one night!
    loveliest wishes

  9. Just browsing the blogs and read about your dove. I think you have done all you can do I suppose. It makes me so mad that someone would shoot a dove in the 1st place. They are such gentle creatures and live with their mate their entire lives. You could call the Houston Zoo and see what they would do, but I think you are on the right track. Just giving him love and devotion is helping him, and you are so sweet to do that! Let us know how it's doing!
    Linda :)


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